Words are spirits

There are zettabites of information in this internet, trillions of words, millions of philosophies, myriad of teachings, but what now? Now, the big question is this: which is the truth? which is which among that massive information, that big data? what is truth?  Why ask for truth? Why relate it to words? Because our life is governed …

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Spiritual Factors within nations that lead to poverty or success

This is one of the most insightful material about Economics that I have studied so far, and this made me see things clear and simple with regards to the relationship between Biblical philosophy and national development. I recommend this to all Filipinos out there. The greatest plus factor of this is its strong Biblical support …

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The goal of all things

As we trekked to the peak of a hill this late afternoon, some thoughts rushed to me which I wanted to capture as I behold a scenic glory through the nice mountain-top view. The thought was that “No one can dethrone God, and no one can snatch away His glory.” This is a life-energizing thought …

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What are you building?

Every man is a builder. Every move that he makes, contributes to something bigger than himself. As time goes by, man cannot stop his life from being a part of something. Whether he likes it or not, his life flows towards another. As long as there is life, there will always be a “receiver” of …

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