Sun Fit and Well

I think the most compelling reason to get Sun Fit and Well is so you or your loved one can focus on recovery rather than the paying off hospital bills. The relief from financial burdens would even contribute for faster recovery in the family.

Sun Fit and Well is a Health Insurance program by Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc. -the country’s first and oldest life insurance company. Serving the Filipino for 123 years already. Way ahead of everyone back then, Sun Life is still leading the fight for Financial Freedom for Filipinos today.

Overview of Benefits

Sun Fit and Well Advantage is a comprehensive life and health protection coverage which gives clients and their family comfort and peace of mind in times of great distress caused by a serious illness.

  • 1. Preemptive Wellness Benefit
      • Special access and privileges to various wellness activities that will help keep one’s mind and body fit.
      • Access to Sun Life’s GoWell, a wellness community that promotes holistic wellness through an active and balanced life.
      • Health and Wellness information through which offers a wealth of information for your health.
      • Free Fitness Classes
      • Community Workouts
      • Discounts and Privileges
      • Rewards and Community
  • 2. Comprehensive Critical Illness Benefit
      • Gives peace of mind knowing Sun Fit and Well covers you up until your senior years, providing financial benefits upon diagnosis of any of the 100+ critical conditions across major and minor stages.
  • 3. Specific Cancer Booster Benefit
      • Further eases one’s financial worries as it provides cash benefit equivalent to 50% of the Original Face Amount upon first diagnosis of any covered Specific Cancer condition.
  • 4. Life Insurance Protection
      • Guaranteed life insurance protection equivalent to the policy’s Original Face Amount until age 100.
  • 5. Special Bonus and Dividend Earnings
      • Provides special bonus at the end of the premium-paying period, and annual dividend earnings thereafter which may be withdrawn anytime or left with Sun Life to accumulate.
  • 6. Limited Payment Period
    • Can be fully paid in 10,15 or 20 annual installments, and payments are fixed throughout the paying period. Semi-annual, quarterly and monthly are also available to make payments more affordable.

Enhance your coverage by availing of SUN Fit and Well Plus or SUN Fit and Well Advantage:

  • Guaranteed cash benefits
    As early as age 65, SUN Fit and Well Plus and SUN Fit and Well Advantage lets you advance 5% of the Face Amount for 8 consecutive years; giving you a steady income stream that you can rest on during your golden years.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation booster
    Avail of SUN Fit and Well Advantage and supplement your benefits to cover expenses related to medical treatment, hospitalization, follow-up specialist visits, home recovery and palliative care.

Below are the annual premiums for Sun Fit and Well Advantage 20 which is offered by Sun Life Financial, Philippines. To know the annual premiums for your exact age, contact me via this form or call me at 09088128227.


  • Sun Fit and Well Advantage
    • Maximum age coverage is until age 35
  • Sun Fit and Well
    • Maximum age coverage is until age 49
    • Payment Terms are 10 yrs, 15 yrs and 20 yrs


Invest in your health.

Face Amount Male (Non-Smoker)
Annual Premium
Male (Smoker)
Annual Premium
Female (Non-Smoker)
Annual Premium
Female (Smoker)
Annual Premium
₱300,000Age 25: ₱8,712.00
Age 30: ₱9,627.00
Age 35: ₱10,764.00
Age 40: ₱12,261.00
Age 25: ₱9,525.00
Age 30: ₱10,722.00
Age 35: ₱12,501.00
Age 40: ₱14,292.00
Age 25: ₱8,919.00
Age 30: ₱9,987.00
Age 35: ₱11,181.00
Age 40: ₱12,654.00
Age 25: ₱9,639.00
Age 30: ₱10,914.00
Age 35: ₱12,645.00
Age 40: ₱14,298.00
₱500,000Age 25: ₱14,520.00
Age 30: ₱16,045.00
Age 35: ₱17,940.00
Age 40: ₱20,435.00
Age 25: ₱15,875.00
Age 30: ₱17,870.00
Age 35: ₱20,835.00
Age 40: ₱23,820.00
Age 25: ₱14,865.00
Age 30: ₱16,645.00
Age 35: ₱18,635.00
Age 40: ₱21,090.00
Age 25: ₱16,065.00
Age 30: ₱18,190.00
Age 35: ₱21,075.00
Age 40: ₱23,830.00
₱750,000Age 25: ₱21,780.00
Age 30: ₱24,067.50
Age 35: ₱26,910.00
Age 40: ₱30,652.50
Age 25: ₱23,812.50
Age 30: ₱26,805.00
Age 35: ₱31,252.50
Age 40: ₱35,730.00
Age 25: ₱22,297.50
Age 30: ₱24,967.50
Age 35: ₱27,952.50
Age 40: ₱31,635.00
Age 25: ₱24,097.50
Age 30: ₱27,285.00
Age 35: ₱31,612.50
Age 40: ₱31,635.00
₱1,000,000Age 25: ₱29,040.00
Age 30: ₱32,090.00
Age 35: ₱35,880.00
Age 40: ₱40,870.00
Age 25: ₱31,750.00
Age 30: ₱35,740.00
Age 35: ₱41,670.00
Age 40: ₱47,640.00
Age 25: ₱29,730.00
Age 30: ₱33,290.00
Age 35: ₱37,270.00
Age 40: ₱42,180.00
Age 25: ₱32,130.00
Age 30: ₱36,380.00
Age 35: ₱42,150.00
Age 40: ₱47,660.00
To enter your desired Face Amount and/or exact age, fill out the Form below:

Here’s a sample life insurance quote I made for my client which is 26 years old, female and non-smoker. No previous diagnosis – standard rating.
The following Plan is what I call as the Combi Plan which is a combination of VUL and Health Insurance of Sun Life. The following benefits by which my client could get.

  • 500 per day na hospital
  • Sun Fit and WEll covering 114 illnessses tila age 100
  • Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disablement 300k
  • Life Insurance total of 600k
  • Investments projected at 3.1 Million at age 65 at 10% annual average investment performance
  • Sun Fit and Well Cash Value at age 75 = 449,000

Premium: P1,861/month

Part 1 of the Combi Plan- Health Insurance Sun Fit and Well + Life Insurance + Guaranteed Cash Benefits

Premium: P9,675/year

Part 2 of the Combi Plan – Insurance + Investments + Daily Hospital Reimbursement

Premiums: P11,695/year

or you may fill out directly to this form:

If you want to combine the ability to PROTECT YOUR FAMILY’S INCOME through INSURING THE BREADWINNER, and at the same time GROWING YOUR MONEY FOR YOUR FUTURE NEEDS, complete the form below:

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