• Health and Life Insurance
  • Senior Health Care
  • VUL / Stock Market Investments
  • Hospital Expenses Cushioning
  • Child’s Education Planning

My Services

My Financial Services

Protect your family’s income from uncertainties of life, save for child’s education, protect your savings for unexpected critical illness expenses, leave a legacy for your loved ones or just let money work for you.

• Retirement

The prepared person is like the woman in Proverbs 31:26: “She laughs without fear of the future because strength and dignity are her clothing.”

My mission is to help increase the financial independence of my clients and audience. It is my joy to serve individuals or groups by providing opportunities for financial freedom and asset growth.

“Financial independence means that you get to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact because you are prepared. You control your finances instead of being controlled by them.” -Dave Ramsey 

I help clients prepare for situations like unexpected hospitalisation, unwelcomed critical illness, sudden disability or death of the breadwinner. 

Financial journey is not get-rich-quick and easy, it takes intentional and step-by-step process.

I also help businesses grow by providing rockstar digital marketing services. And through years of experience, I journal my experiences here as a self-employed freelancer to help fellow freelancers or wanna-be’s.

I Coach.

I help people understand the importance of financial planning and recommend ways to protect income and achieve short/long-term goals like child’s education or retirement. As a realtor, I advice people the best ways to own a property.

I Speak.

For 14 years, I have been helping organizations grow in knowledge and vision to succeed altogether. I speak on leadership, finance, team-building and skills development. Topics also include skills, marketing, freelancing and youth empowerment.

I Blog.

Words are powerful. As a marketer, I endeavour to provide my clients with quality content, optimised with the latest and proven dynamics of search and copywriting. Since high school, been writing codes and wireframes to make website and info presentation remarkable.

Need advice?

I do my best to respond promptly to inquiries.

My Marketing Services

Your marketing strategy is a critical component for your business. If you want your efforts to succeed in the 21st Century, you must not let your digital presence stay under-invested. Growth is achieved when someone invests time to equip himself with the latest trends because in marketing, now is the best time.


“One of the Best”

I’ve hired Bryan on various business projects over the last 2 years and I can honestly say that he’s one of the best… Bryan is a project manager, entrepreneur, and talented designer who takes ownership of the whole process from beginning to end, communicates frequently and delivers the best-in-class service. I very much appreciate working with Bryan and know that anyone hiring him will be as highly impressed with his work as I’ve been.

Jeremy Gardiner


Bryan and his team have done great work for me over the last year, but I have to say that this is by far the best work yet. I had them deliver a webpage background custom made. I even trusted them with my webpage password and they not only how trustworthy they were but delivered timely outstanding results. I look forward to working with Bryan again!


Bryan is very professional and prepares and does quality work. It was a pleasure working with him and I will again in the future.

Deer Park, USA

“Knows His Craft”

Bryan knows his craft and how to deliver it efficiently, hassle-free. I’ve asked him about the product and he answers patiently, as I tend to ask a lot of questions. He never disappoints – delivers on-time and even gives you up to date feedback on your current transactions. Superb service! I highly recommend.

Jeza, Bacolod City

Helpful Articles

Get a slice of paradise in Busuanga Palawan for your solitary vacation, passive AirBnB income, property flipping or future retirement destination. 

Breath-taking displays at Duyan Cafe that rest your weary soul.

A full guide how you can escape from the hustles and be captivated by the comforting nature in Lantawan, Silay. Read more

Each day has its own trouble. But why look ahead and prepare for what’s coming? It’s because “the wise man looks ahead but the naive fools himself and won’t face facts.” Critical illnesses can happen suddenly. Are you prepared? Learn more

“Buying insurance cannot change your life but it prevents your life from being changed. An illness can wipe up an entire family’s savings that they saved for decades by the medical bills. You will not turn bankrupt because of buying insurance but you will cause your loved ones to be bankrupt if you don’t.” – Jack Ma.

 You need some form of insurance because if you make a mistake, you may not recover financially from a major collapse. Learn more.

My story: "Shalom"

In our world, the “good life” presumably means having lots of money in the bank, fame or assets under your name. But the good life is more than that. It’s peace around you because of the peace within you. I think the Hebrew shalom captures it. Shalom means wellbeing, flourishing, peace (Jeremiah 29). 

In English they are separate, but they are in fact one. We seek shalom. One guru coined the word Financial Peace, which also goes with peace with others, peace with one’s self and mostly, peace with God. It is the fulfillment from subduing the earth and flourishing relationships (Mark 12).

I grew up from a challenging environment in Bacolod City, Philippines. I was a helper in my parent’s business and I witnessed the sacredness of the process before food is placed in the table. In high school, I found myself enjoying extra-curricular activities which I have carried on until now.

My initial interest in Christian, grace-centered authors led me to interest in personal finance and economics. Wayne Grudem’s book, the Poverty of Nations, became the triggering influence that started my journey to where I am currently at.

My Stock Market Tutorials

Starting to invest in stocks? Know when to buy or sell using a simple technique called “Uptrend or Lowtrend”. Note that this is good for long-term horizon instead of day trading.

How to Invest to Philippine Mutual Funds using your COL Financial account.

Using the wisdom of Technical Analysis in buying or selling stocks.


Here’s our 2 storey unit in Fortune Towne. Clients find this affordable as per size-to-price ration. I specialize in pre-selling but also market other properties like beaches, mountains and commercial. 

Here’s my explainer video regarding VUL. This financial product is income-protecting that offers investment legwork. It protects families and dependents and lets you achieve your financial goals such as retirement/child education. It can include health protection.

Slideshow of the beach-overlooking lots I sell in Busuanga, Palawan. Around 1.5 hours drive from Coron. Went there last April 2018 to visit the place so I can provide better and accurate information for my clients.


One of The Outstanding Students in Bacolod City (THOS Awards)
Top Real Estate Agent during my first year and went higher at my 2nd year




Procter & Gamble

I get it — you hate dealing with code. But me? I absolutely love it! My absolute favorite part of a project is turning a mockup into a fully functioning website. With a design background, you can rest assured that your designs will be successfully translated into live sites.