Great discoveries were mostly born from labs, hardwork and research. Great ideas come from life-giving idea incubators.

I confess, I am a random generalist creative. I love exploring ideas, testing them, and leaving them until the next current of inspiration kicks in.

In our Sociology area class, we performed psychometrics test and my second highest intelligence was verbal-linguistic. True, I am fond of words, ideas and creative concepts.

And so here’s a page of my incubated ideas. When we write, we actually don’t know what will survive- well some may not, but some may thrive and soar high through time. We just have to nurture them.

  1. Pixel Hero– online-based company and agency that provides digital marketing services to help companies grow.
  2. Invest PH– Idea marketplace for financial protection and investments. PH stands for Pixel Hero as well as Philippines. FB Page.
  3. BacolodEstates– Helping investors avail real estate deals in Bacolod City and beyond. FB Page.
  4. Invest PH Stock Market ChannelYoutube channel providing tips and strategies in investing in the Philippine Stock Market.
  5. SaltyCaesar- pouring inspirational ideas to the political and economic spheres.

Every lab item is an unfinished work, it’s safe to say they are a work of a lifetime. It’s in the comments, feedbacks and learnings where I am driven to continually develop these platforms.

Do you have ideas springing for my aforementioned ideas?

What about you? Do you have some labs in mind?