Is Bacolod Safe? Crime Rates, Law Enforcements and More

Is Bacolod safe? I will try to answer this question objectively based on my real-world observations as an ordinary citizen, as well as some statistics from officials. 

I think this question can be answered by the following factors:

Decreasing Crime Rates

August 2018: Bacolod crimes from Aug 1 to 8 drop by 30% as compared to same period of august of last year (2017). 58 incidents were recorded this year compared to last year’s 83 cases.

For the whole of August 2018, crime in Bacolod City went down 20% compared to August of last year.

Police Visibility

Around 2016, the hashtag #BacolodNotSafeAnymore became trending in the social media. 

Since then, I noticed pairs of policemen were stationed to key points in the areas. When I drive home, there are instant checkpoints at night that politely stops me and asks for credentials. These are placed in streets and corners that you don’t expect.

Literacy & Education

The increasing education and literacy for the public are increasing. TESDA courses and scholarships are continuously granted to the poor but deserving. 

Drug Enforcement

There were recent accusations that Bacolod was the main source of illegal drugs in Iloilo City and Iloilo Province, but Mayor Leonardia and PDEA (drug agency) deny it. 

Mayor claims that Bacolod served as transshipment of the illegal drugs only, not the source, because the possible sources will come from Cebu which were shipped to San Carlos City and if it will come from Mindanao, it can pass the area of Negros Oriental.

Values of the Society

Presence of value-emphasizing institutions and freedom of religion in the island contribute to the overall campaign and training of citizens for a a better society.

Churches, Biblical and values-based education are promoted, and the general population and government continue to react proactively against acts deemed inappropriate, one of which is the viral / ‘immoral’ twerking incident in Bangga Ramos.

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