How to Get From Campuestohan to the Ruins Mansion

Here’s a latest info on how you can travel from Campuestohan to the Ruins. If you are visiting Bacolod, it’s best to get to visit the best of what we offer. 

As a local, I advise you to save more by avoiding taxis/grab if you want to taste our local scene. 

I will first assume that you are commuting / backpacking and not traveling via a rented van or private vehicle. 

So here’s how to commute to the Ruins from Campuestohan:

Campuestohan to Ruins via Jeepney

There’s a jeepney being operated by the Campuestohan Resort herself that travels almost every hour of everyday from and to Campuestohan. 

This is the best option because you can save bigtime.

Campuestohan to Ruins Jeepney Commute Ride
This is the big iconic Sarao jeepney of Campuestohan that has hourly route from Bacolod to Campuestoahan and Vice Versa. There are two vehicles of this type that is why you won't wait that long.
From Bacolod Proper (Lopues East)From Campuestohan ResortFare
11am11am60 Pesos

With the fare for only P60, there’s no way you can easily bring your family with you to enjoy the resort.

1. From Campuestohan, the jeepney will stop beside the Caltex Station/ infront of iMart, just across McDo Lopues East. 

2. From here, you can take a Grab Car or Taxi to Ruins or take a jeepney that has route called “Bangga Pepsi” (Note: this is a little bit rarer route, so I advise to be patient in waiting)

3. The ride will take ~20 minutes. If Grab, fare may cost ~147 to 258 pesos. 

4. From Pepsi, get a tricycle that will take you directly to Ruins Bacolod.

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