How to Get From Campuestohan to the Ruins Mansion

Take the official Campuestohan Sarao Jeepney Buses or Vans, ~30 to ~45 mins ride @ P70/pax fare, go down at Lopues East / iMart or McDo East and get a Taxi to the Ruins. Alternatively, you can ride a Bangga Pepsi jeep to Bacolod North Terminal and ride a tricycle there to the Ruins.

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Trip Summary

Updated based from my interview Jan 8, 2019:

Campuestohan to Starmart / Lopues EastASarao JeepneyP70
BIndependent Private Vans (as availabl)P100
Lopues East to Bangga PepsiAJeep with Route Name: “Bata – Bangga Pepsi -Government Center”P10
BTricycle (“punu-an” with other passengers)P10
CTricycle “okupar” ~P50sh
Lopues East to RuinsATaxiP147-P258
BTricycle “okupar” Negotiate at P100

Campuestohan and the Ruins are top two destinations from Bacolod City. 

As a local, I advise you to save more by avoiding taxis/ Grab if you want to taste our local scene. 

I will first assume that you are commuting / backpacking and not traveling via a rented van or private vehicle. 

So here’s how to commute to the Ruins from Campuestohan:

Campuestohan to Ruins via Jeepney

There’s a jeepney being operated by the Campuestohan Resort herself that travels almost every hour of everyday from and to Campuestohan. 

This is the best option because you can save bigtime.

Jeep Campuestohan to Ruins Jeepney Commute Ride jeep
This is the big iconic Sarao jeepney of Campuestohan that has hourly route from Bacolod to Campuestoahan and Vice Versa. There are two vehicles of this type that is why you won't wait that long.


Book our Fortuner (or Innova) car with a local Bacolodnon driver so you can focus on enjoying your Bacolod trip!

Car Transpo Service for Mambukal Campuestuhan Ruins Tours OTours
From Bacolod Proper (Lopues East)From Campuestohan ResortFare
7:00am (first trip)70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
8:00am8:00am (first trip)70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
9:00am9:00am70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
10:00am10:00am70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
11:00am11:00am70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
1pm1pm70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
2:00pm2:00pm70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
3pm (last trip)3pm70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
4:00pm70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)
5:00pm (last trip)70 Pesos
(Jan 8, 2019 update)

With the fare for only P60, there’s no way you cannot easily bring your family with you and enjoy the highland resort.

Campuestohan to Ruins jeep
A Jeepney from Lopues East to Bangga Pepsi where you can ride trike to Ruins

1. From Campuestohan, take the Sarao Bus jeepney or Van and after around 40 mins ride, it will stop beside the Caltex Station/ infront of iMart just across McDo Lopues East Bacolod. 

2. There are three options:

  1. From Starmart, you can take a Grab Car or Taxi to Ruins. Fare may cost ~147 to 258 pesos. 
  2. Take a jeepney that has route called “Bangga Pepsi” (Note: this is a little bit rarer route, so I advise to be patient in waiting). The ride may take ~20 minutes. I
  3. Ride a Tricycle at P10.00 if you go along with others. ~50sh  if okupar or rent the whole tricycle.

3. From Bangga Pepsi, get a tricycle that will take you directly to Ruins Bacolod.

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