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Looking for a House and Lot for Sale property in Bacolod city? Here are properties I sell as a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Real estate property still remains the best avenue where you can allocate your diversified investments. Consider bringing more value to your future and financial life.

Bacolod City Market Analysis

ANC On the Money, one of Philippine’s top finance channel, reports that the Philippines is very ripe for an economic boom in real estate properties.

A minimum-wage earner could even afford to buy! In spite of numerous recent developments in the past, there is still a backlog or gap for Filipinos to own their home properties. 

That is why you can look forward ahead that your future investments or home here will also have a greater demand in the future.

How You Can Benefit through Real Estate

Resell it. Lands are not getting cheaper. Buy and sell will grow your money through time, instead of just keeping the extra at the bank.

Rent it. Renters will pay you, pay some to your amortization and keep some for your passive income without doing anything.

Reside on it. Save money on your transportation or lodging costs to the City. Save time on travels. Settle your kids here so they can give more time for studying. Settle your elders or sickly here so healthcare is accessible.

Retire in it. Time will come when we are no longer capable to work. Somehow, you would want to be close to our family, health care, churches and other important services. The best decision is to reside in a city where there’s high density of people, but where you can also quickly access the way to your hometown, mountains or beach.

East Homes Mansilingan

The owner/developer of East Homes is Bacolod South Homes Corporation. It is the official/legal name which reflects in the receipts and documents. 

East Homes is one of the most trusted, oldest and successful subdivision chains here in the city. BSHC is also the developer of East Homes 1,2,3,4,5,6, Santorini Eroreco and South Homes in Sum-ag.

Currently, the available subdivision by BSHC is East Homes Mansilingan 6. Homeowners can testify of the progress in their lives and businesses are flourishing wherever our projects stand. 

One example is the establishment of SM’s SaveMore in FortuneTown, just in near the entrance of our subdivision.

Highway. The New East Homes 6 in Mansilingan is located at the annex of East Homes 6. It is located along Handumanan Access Road, Bacolod City.

Cool and Quiet. Because it is of little distance from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, you can enjoy silence and privacy in this area as well as the breezy winds because of the nearby sugarcane fields. Vacant lots in surrounding the area and eucalyptus trees in the Panaad Park also contribute to the cool ambiance.

Entrance. To enter towards East Homes 6, you have to pass through the gate of East Homes 6. You can either turn right and pass along the perimeter walls or pass through the community facilities and playground.

Nearby Locations: East Homes is strategically located along the highway which connects to the New Bacolod Economic Highway. Panaad Park and Stadium is also near East Homes where you can enjoy physical activities like running, jogging and walking along nature.

Commerce. Mansilingan, as well as East Homes area, are booming. As of July 2018, Robinsons Open Markt, PureGold Mansilingan, Lopues Panaad and SM Hypermarket are already in the vicinity. These commercial establishments noticed that this area is filled with middle class and subdivisions. This is also the gateway to Cebu and mountain tourist attractions such as Don Salvador and Mambukal. Nena’s Beth manokan is also opening. There’s a 24-hour 7/11 and bakery just across the Mansilingan catholic church.

Schools. You will find both public and private schools here such as St. Benilde, Montessori, South Hills Academy, Mansilingan Christian Academy, Jayme Elementary School, Mansilingan Agro-Industrial School and other preschools.

Surroundings. East Homes 6 is surrounded by farmlands at the back and right portion. Cabugwason is now a developed community complete with schools, security system, organized officials, community center and up to middle-class families. Just in front of East Homes are commercial lots which will soon contain commercial establishments and schools. Almost all commercial lots have been sold and only two slots remaining (as of July 2018).

Parks and Events. Panaad Park and Stadium is very near where you can enjoy jogging, strolling, swimming. There are also opportunities for business there during events such as Panaad sa Negros. If you are into sports, you will also enjoy watching Azkals here or any football matches both national and international.

Medical Facilities. There is a rising Baptist hospital in the convention baptist center. South Bacolod General Hospital is also accessible as well as the Bacolod Sanitarium.

3 Bedroom | East Homes Mansilingan

The three-bedroom is typical for a family and extended relatives. These units are situated on the elevated portion of East Homes Mansilingan overviewing Mount Canlaon and Mt. Mandalagan. Kitchen activities are done in the external portion of the house, while dining and living room are united as one.

  • Floor Map | Features
    • Single-detached
    • Lot Size: 140sqm
    • Floor Size: 56.7sqm (but you can expand when you put roofings to the open kitchen)
    • 3 Bedrooms (One is the master bedroom)
    • 2 Toilet Baths (One is in the master bedroom) both are tiled. The shower is tiled too.
    • One car garage which can accommodate a long-sized vehicle like Vios
    • Interior: Hardiflex ceiling (painted) and painted concrete interior divisions
    • The kitchen sink is tiled
  • See 3 Bedroom Price Here

2 Bedroom | East Homes Mansilingan

  • Floor Map | Features
    • Single-detached
    • Lot Size: 100sqm
    • Floor Size: 45.5sqm (but you can expand when you put roofings to the back and side parts)
    • 2 Bedrooms (One is the master bedroom)
    • 1 Toilet Bath (One is in the master bedroom). Tiled floor.
    • One car garage which can accommodate a short-sized vehicle like Wigo
    • Interior: Hardiflex ceiling (painted) and painted concrete interior divisions
    • The kitchen sink is tiled
  • See 2 Bedroom Price Here

Duplex Attached | East Homes Mansilingan

  • Floor Map | Features
    • Attached to another unit via a Firewall
    • Lot Size: 60sqm
    • Floor Size: 27 sqm (but you can extend once you put roofing on the kitchen side)
    • No bedrooms are present at the turn-over because the interior is bare-type
    • But you can put one to two bedrooms depending on the design. Scroll down to see samples
    • 1 Toilet Bath – the floor is tiled
    • The kitchen sink is tiled
  • See Duplex Pricing Here

Installment for LOT ONLY | East Homes Mansilingan

  • Specs
    • Available Lots are 100sqm lots and 140sqm lots
    • Before, lot only units must be paid in spot cash. This June 2018, it can be acquired via installment option.
      • The downpayment is installment/staggered – much affordable and easier for Filipinos to own a lot investment
      • The remaining amount is loanable to PAGIBIG
    • The location of lot only units is in East Homes 6 extension, Mansilingan. The elevation is very high, and the roofing of other units in phase 6, and even across phase 5 and 4, can be seen.

100sqm LOT ONLY
Total Cash Price: P380,000
Less Reservation:10,000
Staggered Downpayment: 6,380/month x 18 months at 0% interest
Total Downpayment: 124,800

Submit PAGIBIG requirements after full down
Loanable: P290,000
10yrs: 2,800.26
15 yrs: 2,002.68
20 yrs: 1,608.33
25 yrs: 1,375.21
30 yrs: 1,222.65

140sqm LOT ONLY
Total Cash Price: P532,000
Less Reservation: 10,000
Down: P9,450/month for 18 months at 0% interest
Total Downpayment: 180,000

Submit PAGIBIG requirements after full down
Loanable: P400,000

10yrs: 3,862.43
15 yrs: 2,762.33
20 yrs: 2,218.39
25 yrs: 1,896.85
30 yrs: 1,686.42

Other Options for East Home Mansilingan

  • Two Lots with One House
  • Three Lots with One House
  • Two 100sqm Lots (200sqm total)
  • Two 140sqm Lots (280sqm total)

East Villas Fortune Towne

East Villas is located at Fortune Towne, Barangay Estefania, Bacolod City. It is a hotcake property because this part of the city is middle-class to upper class. 

Also, very accessible to most key locations such as: Silay Airport, Lopues East, West Negros, La Salle and SM BAcolod. 

There is a university here, Save More Dept store and Metro Bacolod Hospital nearby.

2 Storey | East Villas Fortune Towne

This is one of the cost-efficient units of 2 stories in the city. The land is pre-filled so that the house will always be one foot higher that the road. 2 storey houses are good to have when you have a car plus a family of 4 to 7. 

August 2018 Price (Standard Units)

  • TCP: P1,850,000
  • Loanable: P1,430,000
  • Equity: P420,000
  • Processing: P171,600
  • Total Cash-out: P591,600

Note: Price may increase time to time (or Sept 2018)

3 Bedrooms | East Villas Fortune Towne

August 2018 Price (Standard Units)

  • TCP: P1,480,000
  • Loanable: P1,300,000
  • Equity: P180,000
  • Processing: P156,000
  • Total Cash-out: P240,000

Note: Price may increase time to time (or Sept 2018)

Contact Bryan to know payable months of DP and amortization computation.

2 Bedrooms | East Villas Fortune Towne

August 2018 Price (Standard Units)

  • TCP: P1,130,000
  • Loanable: P1,020,000
  • Equity: P110,000
  • Processing: P122,400
  • Total Cash-out: P232,400

Note: Price may increase time to time (or Sept 2018)

Contact Bryan to know payable months of DP and amortization computation.

Status: For Waitlist. Contact Bryan.

Duplex | East Villas Fortune Towne

August 2018 Price (Standard Units)

  • Loanable: P450,000
  • Equity: P160,000

Note: Price may increase time to time (or Sept 2018)

Contact Bryan to know payable months of DP and amortization computation.

Status: For Waitlist. Contact Bryan.

at PRC Manila for Realtor License

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