House and Lot for Sale in Bacolod City Philippines

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Updated: Nov. 28, 2017

Final Pricing is out for New East Homes Mansilingan!
cover photo

NOTE: Here, you can buy lot only but on a spot cash basis only (less 5%)
Or you can get 2 lots with one house. One is your house and lot, the other one you can resell someday. My computation is that, lands here grow at 6.6% per year.

House and Lot Bacolod for Sale Negros Occidental Philippines

The earlier you reserve, you will be the first to select with greater opportunities to get better spot. Below are the final pricing and steps as of Nov 28, 2017.

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3. Commercial lots in Bacolod City.
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Looking for a House and Lot for Sale property in Bacolod city? One of the best avenues where you can allocate your diversified investments is the real estate. So take time to consider to bring more value to your future financial life.


Both are being developed and managed by the Bacolod South Homes Corp, which is one of the most trusted, oldest and successful subdivision chains here in the City.  Bacolod South Homes is also the developer of East Homes 1,2,3,4,5,6 and Santorini Subd, Eroreco.

Bacolod is a Rising Prime Spot

Even ANC On the Money, Philippine’s top finance channel, Bacolod is one of the spur boomers of economic real estate properties. A minimum-wage earner could even afford to buy! In spite of numerous recent developments in the past, there is still a back log or gap for Filipinos to own their home/ collateral properties.

4 Ways to Gain from Real Estate

1.) Resell it- lands are not getting cheaper. Buy and sell will grow your money through time, instead of just keeping the extra at the bank.
2.) Rent it- renters will pay you, pay some to your amortization and keep some for your passive income without doing anything.
3.) Reside on it- save money on your transportation or lodging costs to the City. Save time on travels. Settle your kids here so they can give more time on studying. Settle your elders or sickly here so healthcare is accessible.
4.) Retire in it– time will come when we are no longer capable to work. Somehow, you would want to be close to our family, health care, churches and other important services. The best decision is to reside in a city where there’s high density of people, but where you can also quickly access the way to your home town, mountains or beach.

East Villas Fortune Towne

As of Sept 26, 2017, all units in East Villas and East Homes are reserved. Located in Fortune Towne, Bacolod City. First batch of houses livable by 2019. Please take note prices increase as months go by, so better reserve as soon as possible.

We are only selling pre-selling houses. Below is our 2-storey 3 Bedroom house model unit.

Location: East Villas is strategically located in Fortune Towne, Bacolod City. The location is prime and good. Near to almost all key places like schools, hospitals, resorts and markets. Below is the virtual tour towards East Villas’ location and its strategic locations.

We are currently on the waiting list period for all our units. It means that you need to deposit 10,000 as reservation fee so that, when old clients back-out, the next waiting-in-line gets the spot.

Map of East Villas Subd Bacolod City House and Lot Near Hospital and Schools

East Villas is near CHMS University, Save More, Lopues East Mall, New Government Center, Metro Bacolod Hospital, Hi-Strip kiosks, Panasiatic Call Center, Campuestohan, etc. Soon to rise is Megaworld Township along Burgos Road which is like the Bonifacio Global City in Manila.

Reservation Fee: P10,000.
Available Houses: Duplex, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Storey-house.

Below are the old pricing and steps. For the latest price, contact me via Messenger, mobile 09088128227 or landline 4327303 r visit my Real Estate website for the latest pricing.

Invest in the booming Philippine Real Estate today. You can see my complete listing here

East Homes Mansilingan

Below are information about our East Homes Mansilingan Subdivision. All residential units are reserved now, we are currently in waitlist status. If you are interested, please contact me to reserve.

Surrounded by 1,700 houses, you can invest in a commercial lot in this location. Please contact me for more information or visit this page.

EHM Location
EastHomes is a notable real estate company here in Bacolod, reputable for its affordable yet quality housing. This Mansilingan offering is EastHomes 4,5 and 6. Below is the map.


Our company has matured in developing and sustaining South Homes in Sum-ag, EastHomes 1,2,3 in Fortune Towne and Santorini Subd in Eroreco.

Homeowners can testify of the progress in their lives and businesses are flourishing wherever our projects stand. One example is the establishment of SM’s SaveMore in FortuneTown, just in front of our subdivision.

For sure, there will be promising upcoming projects under our company and I am glad to invite you to be a part of it.

You could select among the three types of homes:
1. Three-bedroom
2. Two-bedroom
3. Duplex/ Studio-type

You can also choose two lots with one house if available. 

Types of House and Lot for Sale in Bacolod City, Philippines


The Floor Map

The three-bedroom is typical for a family and extended relatives. These units are situated on the elevated portion of East Homes Mansilingan overviewing Mount Canlaon and Mt. Mandalagan. Kitchen activities are done in the external portion of the house, while dining and living room are united as one.

3-Bedroom House overlooking Mount Kanlaon Negros East Homes Bacolod House and Lot

The Location

The place is also cool and breezy because of the  sugarcane fields, vacant lots surrounding the area and eucalyptus trees in the Panaad Park.

It can lessen the sunny and hot humid climate that usually characterizes subdivisions in the Philippines. This house and lot in Bacolod City is located in a spot that is also present in the area where there is a small water creek filled with trees.

The subdivision is also proximate to markets in Mansilingan which now has SM Hypermarket Handumanan/ Save More. Mansilingan also has Pure Gold supermarket. Nearby Alijis has Lopues Panaad.

There are also clinics in Handumanan (the nearby barangay) and another Save More. Some notable spots in the vicinity of this house and lot are: Churches, Panaad Park and Stadium where you can enjoy jogging, strolling, swimming. There are also opportunities of business there during their events.

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Below is the actual video of the actual house in the location.

Click the following links for details and PAGIBIG Fund computation.

2.) Two-Bedroom House

11072097_10204144214465088_1296590463_nThis is the 3-D Renderring of the Two-bedroom house.

They also call this “Economical Housing.” This is good for couples or grandparents getting old and we want to honor them by enjoying a comfortable abode with loved ones as they retire and enjoy their long-lived years.


I’m placing here the sketch of subdivision Clubhouse and entrance gate:
House and Lot for Sale Bacolod City Club House East Homes 3D Renderring House and Lot for Sale Bacolod City Gate East Homes 3D Renderring

3.) Studio-Type Housing

duplex mansilingan house and lot bacolod city

Price last time: P400k
Now (as of july 2015): P450k
Reserve now.

This is duplex-type. Good for those who are looking for affordable yet quality homes. You can also have this as your investment for the future. Image above is taken from the sample house in the site.

house and lot for sale in bacolod city subdivision east homes mansilingan

house and lot for sale in bacolod city subdivision east homes mansilingan
This is the inside look of the studio-type. Tiles and ceiling may not be covered in the total amount posted here. You can put a studio partition to serve as a room with some privacy.

For questions and reservations regarding house and lot for sale in Bacolod city, please dont hestitate to contact me through the form below or:

Bryan Villarosa Real Estate Digital Marketer in Bacolod City PhilippinesHi, I’m Bryan Villarosa, official Property Specialist of East Homes and East Villas Subdivision Bacolod City.

If you are looking for a house and a lot to buy, or just looking for an insurance with investment. I am very glad to help you.

Need to protect your family’s financial structure? Get protection from Critical Illnesses. Contact me as well. I am a Financial Adviser of Sun Life of Canada- Bacolod chapter. Let us set an appointment.

I could also help save you the hassles and confusions surrounding purchasing nowadays. I am a Non-voice BPO Freelancer and Ministry Volunteer myself, and I was able to avail a housing loan from PAGIBIG. You can contact so I can help you more with the details.


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