Don Salvador Benedicto Lots For Sale

Don Salvador is the “Baguio of Negros Occidental” and offers exciting, cool and relaxing amenities for its guests. It is a rising hub for nature-lovers, as well as a haven for those who wanted to retire or spend weekends close to lush sceneries and scenic spots. 

Farm Lots, Agri Lots and Residential Lots in Don Salvador Benedicto For Sale

1.) Titled Lot: 5000sq meters @ 750/sq meter

Location: Barangay Kumaliskis, Don Salvador, Benedicto, Negros Occidental

Total Price: P3,750,000

2.) Property in Spur 16, Brgy. Bunga

Land is mostly flat with fruit-bearing trees and grass-covered splendour. Has a majestic view of Mount Kanla-on, and is located at one of the highest-elevated parts of the island of Negros. The wind is cold most of the time and atmosphere is very relaxing. Distance from the road is not that far and can be accessed via a right of way and passing thru a creek, a balance between nature and accessibility.

  • Total Area: 12,861 sqm or 1.2861 hectares
  • Distance from National Road: ~150 meters but there is a road which is a “sugar road” which is bulky, and where truckings pass
  • Cost: P300 per sqm only (NEGOTIABLE)
  • Total Cost: P3,858,000
  • Adjacent Lots cost ~1,800 per sqm to ~2,000 per sqm

Status as of August 1, 2018: Available

More Pictures Below

Total Price: P3,858,000

3.) 7,000 sqm property at P150/sqm

This land is currently planted with sugarcane and is around 1km away from the national road. There is a cemented 2-parallel tire lines to the property which makes it easier for travel to and fro.

  • Total Area: 7,000 sqm or 0.7 hectares
  • Distance from National Road: ~1 km
  • Cost: P150 per sqm only
  • Total Cost: P1,050,000

    Status as of August 1, 2018: Available

More Pictures Below

Images includes the road going to area

Total Price: P1,050,000

4.) Lot 142: Almost 1 hectare land at P300/sqm

Lot has spectacular view of Mount Kanlaon. Address is Sitio Tuburan, Brgy. Pandanon, Don Salvador. 

  • ID: Lot 142
  • Total Area: 9,758 sqm or 0.98 hectares
  • Distance from National Road: around 200 meters
  • Cost: P300 per sqm only
  • Total Cost: P2,927,400
  • Title status: Certificate of Land Title Ownership Award
  • Source of Water: Spring
  • Source of Electricity: CENECO
  • Nearest KeySpots: In between Km 39 coffee, end point of Everest zipline, Jomax Peak and Doc J garden

Status as of August 1, 2018: Available

Total Price: P2,927,400

5.) 2,000 sqm at P180/sqm


Added on 4 Nov 2018
Total Price: P360,000
Location: Pandanon, Don Salvador
Status of Title: Still at the mother title

The lot was originally 4,000 sqm. The previous buyer only bought the half. 

6.) 6,720sqm at P150/sqm

Mode of Payment: Spot Cash Only

Property is not along the main road.

Total Price: P1,008,000


7.) 13,400 at 2.2M

  • Brgy. Pandanon
  • Adjacent to Lot 142 above

Date of listing: Dec 10, 2018
Status as of Dec 10, 2018: Available

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