Does Ranking Drop When You Switch from Self-hosted WordPress with Google Adsense to Premium WordPress with WordAds?

In running your own WordPress blog, you may encounter a situation where you are torn between using a self-hosted blog and a premium blog, just like me.

If you have come to a point realizing you want the Premium WordPress Account for legacy purposes, your next concern may be Monetization of your blog which you built for years. won’t allow Google Adsense, therefore, you have to switch to another Ad Generator under the Premium Account. The thought of having decreased views then came.

Research Problem

This study is to be conducted to determine whether there is a significant decrease in a blog’s viewership if it detaches from Google’s Adsense / self-hosted WordPress and use another party such as Premium WordPress Account/ AdWords.


The hypothesis to prove: There is a significant decrease in my Google rankings and ratings if I detach my self from Google’s Ad maker and use another party.

Here’s how the short research went through:

To determine the answer, I used Google Analytics Report to see my rankings for my blog which was a self-hosted WordPress until October 2016. I generated the report from January 2016- October 2016. Here’s the report:

Google Adsense to Ads WordPress

So for 10 months, I got 10,664 pageviews. The monthly average is therefore is 1,066.4 views. This is my viewership under a self-hosted WordPress with Google Adsense advertising.

On the other hand, I pulled up my Premium WordPress analytics, under the JetPack Stats, and here’s the data collected:


From January 1, 2017 to April 30 2017, the total page views was 5,892 or average of 1,472 per month (5892/4).

Self-hosted WordPress Average Monthly Visitors (with Google Adsense): 1,066
Premium WordPress Average Monthly Visitors (without WordAds yet): 1,472

Please note that I only added 2 articles for the whole 2017 which only generated 55 views.


Therefore, the conclusion to the hypothesis is negative. There is no decrease in viewership if a blog switched from self-hosted WordPress with Google Adsense to another third-party, given that the contents are retained.

As for the earnings, only Google Adsense I have measured since I have just discovered a way to integrate AdWords after 4 months. The total earnings I got for my website from Jan 2016 to Oct 2016, with 11,956 views and 34,169 impressions, 27 clicks is $3.70. I still have to wait how AdWords would generate income in my Premium WordPress account.


I hope that this study will encourage bloggers to enjoy their blogging service through Premium WordPress with the hope of monetization and without the fear of dropping down their viewership and ranking

Further Speculations/ Recommendations

  1. Google may not be showing favoritism to there Advertisers even a blog removes Adsense. As long you provide that quality content, you would be ranked as you deserve.
  2. Speculatively, is doing a good job in retaining the viewership of their subscribers. They could be achieving it by providing linkages, internal optimization for their clients (like me).
  3. The conclusion of this study needs further data collection which I would welcome in the comments below.


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