Critical Illness Health Protection Insurance in the Philippines

Ang mga peligrosong sakit ay biglaang nangyayari. Prepared ka ba? (Critical illnesses can happen suddenly. Are you prepared?) Avail Sun Fit and Well Health Insurance by filling up this form and I will send you a proposal that will will insure yourself from hospital expenses.

The Reality of Critical Illness:

Historical Fact:
In 2015 alone, estimated 109,280 Filipinos were diagnosed with some form of cancer (except skin) and 66,151 died, according to Philippine Cancer Society.

In 2012, 13 out of 100 males and 14 out of 100 females in the Philippines had some form of cancer if they have lived up to age 75. Eleven out of 100 males and 7 out of 100 females would have died from cancer before age 75. See Research Paper.

Filipinos need to make preparations as early in life before it’s too late.

The younger you secure yourself, the cheaper and better it is. Without preparation, your financial life and family may suffer grievous consequences

New Cancer Cases 2015 Cancer Sun Fit and Well Health Insurance

The most common cancer diagnoses among males are Lung Cancer, Liver, Rectum and Leukemia; while among females are breast, cervix, rectum and lung cancer.

One of of the biggest “what-ifs” in our health becomes real when an unexpected illness comes.

The next question: “Are you prepared? Will savings be empty when a long-term hospitalization comes? Will your family go to debt?

For faster response, contact via FB or mobile 09088128227/ 09153994869.

Solution: Preparation through Health and Financial Protection

Sun Fit and Well offers a holistic solution to your health needs. It is the New Generation Wellness Product that has been well-suited to the needs of modern society.

It gives financial peace of mind to you and your family so these health-related concerns won’t add to your burdens.

Sun Fit and Well protects you from big financial expenses and losses in case an unwanted illness comes.

The cost of premiums primarily depends on the age of the insured. If you are in your 20’s or 30’s, you can take advantage of the fact that you are most likely healthy and earning.

When you are young and no diagnosis, the payments are cheaper. When you are advanced in age and have been diagnosed already, you may pay substandard or more expensive dues. Worst, your application will be reject because you’re no longer insurable.

When the years of sickness come, you won’t have to empty all your resources to cope up with health costs.

For faster response, contact via FB or mobile 09088128227/ 09153994869.

Below is a sample Sun Fit and Well Proposal. It is Sun Fit and Well Advantage which covers you financially from 114 critical illnesses.
Sun Fit and Well Advantage Proposal Bryan Villarosa

Fill up this form or the form at the bottom of this page for a personalized proposal matching your needs.

Three Major Types of this Product:
1. Sun Fit and Well- (40 years old and below)
2. Sun Fit and Well Advantage- (35 years old and below)
3. Sun Fit and Well Plus (40 years old and below)

Sun Fit and Well covers you until age 100. If nothing happens, the coverage becomes death benefit. The 2 types of Sun Fit and Well brands offer cash dividends at the end of the term.

Three Payment Modes:
1. 10 year
2. 15 year
3. 20 year

Among the three types, Advantage is the most comprehensive. Here’s an overview of the benefits of Sun Fit and Well Advantage:
1. Major Critical Illness: 100% of the Face Amount
2. Minor Critical Illness: 20% of the Face Amount
3. Specific Cancer Booster: 50% of the Face Amount
4. Guaranteed Cash Benefit (Dividends/ Anticipated Endowment)
5. Daily Hospital Income
6. Post Hospitalization Benefit
7. Home Recovery Benefit
8. Palliative Care Benefit
9. Access to Wellness Programs that Help You Proactively Maintain your Health.
10. Life Insurance Protection

Below is a case scenario for the sample life of John Jr.

Fill-up the form below to get a a complete Financial Needs recommendation.

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