Beachfront / Beach Properties for Sale in Coron / Busuanga

Please note: Once you are interested with any of the lost below, the best way to communicate with my partner lot owners is through Messenger, so we can ask the exact updates and figures. Click here to chat with us. 

Table of Contents

  • Ocam Ocam Lots: P300,000plus per 300sqm (pls note prices and slots are not final until confirmed by Coron-based partner)
  • Cambaya starts at P400,000+ per 1 hectare (pls note prices and slots are not final until confirmed by Coron-based partner)
    • List of Available Lots in Ocam Ocam and Cambaya
  • Lot Between Ocam2 and Cambaya
  • Buluang Beach Front P13M
  • Cage Island in Culion, Palawan
  • Linapacan Island 
  • 21,194 sqm Lot Near La Estancia Resort
  • Beachfront Property Between Brgy. Old Busuanga and San Rafael, Busuanga
  • New Busuanga Beach Front
  • 3 Hectares Lot in Ocam Ocam P2.5
  • 1 Hectare San Rafael Beside Road
  • Not Available Properties for Now
Busuanga Sample House
Sample structure you can build for business or for your pleasure. See for more ideas

Beach Fronts

  • Buluang Beach Front
  • Beach Front Property between Old Busuanga and San Rafael
  • New Busuanga Beach Front
  • Roadside Beachfront at San Rafael
  • FOR RENT: Resort in Calauit Island


  • Cage Island
  • Linapacan Island

What if Buyer is not in The Philippines?

From Coron Partner/ Attorney (Filipino language):
Sa pag purchase po kung hindi kayo makakapunta pwede po ninyo ideposit ang pera pero kung may representative po kayo pwede rin po.. pagbayad po s seller mam inonotarize ng lawyer after nyang matsek at cleared ang mga documents at ang title po, inonotariza n ng lawyer ang Deed of Absolute Sale.. ipapadala ko lng po agad s inyo ang notarized deed of absolute sale.

may option din po kayo kung ipapatransfer po ninyo ang title mam pwede din po s lawyer ninyo ipalakad ang transfer nito magbabayad lng po kayo ng Profesional Fee ng lawyer n 20,000 pesos per title po yon..

List of Available Lots in Ocam and Cambaya Area


Pls note data and prices may be changed without prior notice

LocationUpdated OnSizePrice
Cambaya Lot 102 and 85May 2, 20191 HectareP650,000.00
Cambaya Lots 27May 2, 20191 HectareP400,000.00
Cambaya Lot 14 and 25May 2, 20191 HectareP500,000.00
CambayaJune 12, 20192 HectaresP1,500,000.00
Ocam Ocam: 124, 138, 197, 162

14 and 24,,63 and 102
Feb 2019

June 12, 2019
Ocam Ocam 31,,32 (almost at the center most part of Ocam Ocam)June 12 2019300sqmP300,000
Ocam-OcamFeb 20191 Hectare3M
Ocam-OcamFeb 20193 Hectares2.5M
Sitio Nejad, New Busu.Feb 20192.3 Hectares4.5M

Here are the lots that my friend from Coron and his local contacts wanted to sell. If you are interested, I could connect you to them. Scroll down below to see more information.

Please note that information are fluid due to buying demands. So the prices and info I posted here may have changes without prior notice. After reading these data, the best way is to communicate with us directly through messenger.


ocam ocam cambaya busuanga for sale
  • For Sale
  • (pls note prices and slots are not final until confirmed by Coron-based partner)
  • Clean Title (not rights)
  • Standard Sizes: 300 sqm
  • Slope Lots
  • Overlooking Sunset
  • Not Beach Front but has legal access to the beach
  • Electricity and water-ready
  • Price Starts at PHP300,000  / USD 5,803
  • Spot Cash (no instalment)


ocam ocam cambaya busuanga for sale
  • For Sale
  • (pls note prices and slots are not final until confirmed by Coron-based partner)
  • Clean Title (not rights)
  • Standard Sizes: 1 hectare sqm
  • Mixed Slope and Flat Lots
  • Almost all 1 hectare lots will have view of the beach
  • Not beach Front but has legal access to the white sand beach (~100 to 500 meters)
  • Not electricity and water-ready but has a grid to connect to and deepwell
  • Price Starts at PHP400,000  / USD 7,737


  • For Sale
  • Clean Title (not rights)
  • Size: 3.3 Hectares or 33,702 sqm
  • Flat Beach and Beach Front
  • Has a hill at the inner portion
  • Has “kubo” or “huts”
  • Pebbly beach. Seagrassy sea
  • Currently, access to the lot is via boat
  • Can have right of way from main road/mainland
  • Price PHP 13,000,000 or 251,589 USD

For Rent: BEACH FRONT PROPERTY IN Calauit, Busuanga

beach property in Calauit Busuanga for Rent
  • For Long-term Lease
  • Location: Calauit, Busuanga, Palawan (Northern Palawan District)
  • Preferrably 15 years @ 150k PHP per month (negotiable)


  • 4 storey Hotel for Sale
  • Location: Corong Corong El Nido,Palawan
  • Along the highway
  • Rooms: 17 rooms/6rooms / Gym under construction @ 4th floor
  • Fully book til may 2019
  • Area:225sq.m titled and complete papers/occupancy permit
  • Price:150M

Cage island

  • Location: Halsey Harbour
  • Power: No power
  • Water: With water source
  • Title Type: Tax dec
  • Signal: With signal
  • Mainroad Link: It’s island so no connection to main road its 10mins from mainroad via boat
  • No beach fronts
  • Price: PHP 7.5M

Beachfront Property between Brgy. Old Busuanga and San Rafael, Busuanga

  • Size: 2800sq.m 
  • Location: inbetween cia ng bgy old busuanga and bgy san rafael.. belongs to Old Busuanga
  • Price: PhP 3.5M
  • Status as of Jan 23, 2019: Available

7M NewBusuanga Beachfront (2.3 ha)

  • Size: 2.3 hectares
  • Beachfront? Yes
  • Location: New Busuanga, Busuanga Island, Palawan
  • Features: Has a structure worth P2M
  • Topography: Flat and sandy
  • Price: P20,000,000
  • Availability: Yes, available (Dec 2018)

21,194 sqm Lot Near La Estancia Resort

  • Location: On the way to La Estancia Resort, New Busuanga
  • (Near Ocam Ocam & Cambaya)
  • PHP 4.5 Million or USD 87,104

3 Hectares @ 2.5M


  • For Sale
  • Clean Title (not rights)
  • Size: 1 Hectare
  • Mostly Flat
  • Near Road to Ocam Ocam
  • Not beach Front but has legal access to the white sand beach (~100 to 500 meters)
  • Electricity and water-ready
  • PHP 3,500,000 or USD 67,725

9.) Linapacan island for sale

Linapacan Island For Sale
  • Location: Linapacan, Palawan
  • Strategy: Left side of the island is Aryara Resort, one of Asia’s most private resort.
  • Transportation: 2 hours from Coron Town by boat.
  • Size: 25 Hectares
  • Price: Contact me for Price

1 Hectare Beach along the Main Road

  • Location: Barangay San Rafael, New Busuanga,  Busuanga Island
  • Size: 1 Hectare
  • Price: 10 Million Pesos

Not Available For Now

Lot 034 Beach Front Lot in Cambaya

Please confirm us if you are interested as owner as about to put this Lot on hold

The pink shade above is the Lot 034, it is a BEACH FRONT
  • Lot Size: 2 Hectares
  • Price: If cash, P4000,000
  • If installment, P4,500,000, and the spot downpayment is 50%.
  • Location is Cambaya, New Busuanga, Busuanga Island, Palawan

Buluang, Busuanga Beachfront (Not Available For Now)

  • Location: Buluang, Busuanga (Beside New Busuanga)
  • Facing: West, south west
  • Clean-titled
  • Size: 1 hectare
  • Price: P7 Million 
  • Availability: Yes, Available
  • Beachfront? Yes. See pics by scrolling down.

Where to stay in Coron

You can do the property visit in Busuanga for a whole day but I would suggest that you return to Coron so you can enjoy your trip with some sights. The day after you visit, you can go to some attractions like island hopping and Kayangan-lake watching.

Also these properties could give you an idea what to do with the lots in Cambaya in the future.

The office of our Atty-in-Charge is near or just across this hotel, so I recommend this hotel but this is a little bit distant to the center may 2 or 3 blocks. One can rent a motor bike or hotel service to get to the pier or center. Book here. 

This view could give you idea what to do with 1 hectare property someday.

This is where we had a meeting when we met some interested buyers. I would recommend Coron EcoLodge the most because it is near to all key places. You can rent a motor bike and do some tours around the area. 

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