Beachfront / Beach Properties for Sale in Coron / Busuanga

Here are the lots that my friend from Coron and his local contacts wanted to sell. If you are interested, I could connect you to them. 

Road to Ocam Ocam Busuanga from Coron Town

1.) Ocam-Ocam

Beach for sale in Coron
    • Cuts: mostly 300sqm
    • Topography: Residential Lots on a hill slope.
    • Price: Starts at P300,000
    • Availability: Lot 21,23,28 
    • Beachfront? No. Walking distance around 30m to 50m. But all have view of sunset.

Sold December 2018

  • Side by Side lots: 611sqm at P600k (SOLD December 14 2018)

2.) Cambaya

  • Cuts: mostly 10,000 sqm or 1 hectare
  • Topography: Mixed slopes and flat lands, depends where you choose
  • Price: P400,000 and P500,000 (some)
  • Availability: Around seven to ten units left (Aug 2018).
  • Beachfront? No. But all lots offer views. 


  • Location: Cambaya (the purple shade at the map)
  • Facing: West, south west
  • Size: 2 hectares
  • Price: Starts at P4,000,000 to P4.5M (installment)
  • Availability: Yes, Available
  • Beachfront? Yes. See pics by scrolling down.
  • Size: 2.3 hectares
  • Beachfront? Yes
  • Location: New Busuanga, Busuanga Island, Palawan
  • Features: Has a structure worth P2M
  • Topography: Flat and sandy
  • Price: P20,000,000
  • Availability: Yes, available (aug 2018)
  • Location: Buluang, Busuanga (Beside New Busuanga)
  • Facing: West, south west
  • Size: 1 hectare
  • Price: P7 Million 
  • Availability: Yes, Available
  • Beachfront? Yes. See pics by scrolling down.

Important to Know:

  • Encircled green area at the left is Ocam-Ocam. More developed, has backpacker inns, hut resorts and somewhat “tranquil” and less crowded beach portion of the island.
  • Does Cambaya 1 hectare lots have beach view? This is a frequent question. This land strip is a PENINSULA. The lands for sale especially in Cambaya, have a nearby-accessibility to the beach / sea. You will have a view of the beach, and if one side has a blockage, the other side could have another. There might be obstructions like trees or some slopes. But when you have one hectare, that could be wide enough to have a view somewhere in the property.
  • Electricty? In Ocam-ocam there is already. In Cambaya, not yet. I draw pink lines there coming from the road to La Estancia Resort to the Cambaya area. That is where electricity will come from in the future because that is the nearest present grid. If client is in a hurry to dwell in Cambaya, he or she can use gasoline generator. 
  • Water? Yes there is. If in a hurry, one can put a deepwell. 

Nearby Attractions: Calauit Safari, Dugong Watching, Black Island, La Estancia Resort, Ocam2 is an attraction itself for quiet-lovers

What are the Lots for Sale in Busuanga (Coron)?

Updated Dec 9, 2018

Available Lots (P400k/hectare)

Size: 1 Hectare or 10,000 sqm
Equals to P40 per square meter
  • Lot 118 (being transacted)
  • Lot 103
  • Lot 105
  • Lot 106
  • Lot 107
  • Lot 108
  • Lot 110
  • Lot 84
  • Lot 97
  • Lot 63
  • Lot 65

Available Lots (P500k)

Came in Aug 11, 2018
Size: 1 Hectare or 10,000 sqm

  • Lot 23
  • Lot 24
  • Lot 25

Side by Side Lots in Ocam-Ocam

Updated Dec 1, 2018

Lot 6 and 8 – side by side lots in Ocam-Ocam
Total Size: 611 sqm
Cost: P600k

Lot 034 Beach Front (P4M - P4.5M)

Size: 2 Hectares or 20,000 sqm
  • Lot 034 (Beach Front)


Jul 2018: Lot 112 and 113 is not available. The title has been pawned.

Cambaya Map

The pink shade above is the Lot 034, it is a BEACH FRONT

👇scroll down to see more pictures and infos

Cambaya Area Details

The topography of the lands are a mixture of highlands and flatlands. But according to my partner in Busuanga, all 1 hectare lands offer a view of the beach, either of the Cambaya Beach, or the Ocam-Ocam beach (which is more sidewards).

There could be blockages like hill slopes or trees. But I think a one hectare land will give you some views at some points. Or you could cut trees if there are trees.

If one side has a blockage of the sea, a 360 view of the beach could give you views on the other side of the sea. The lands are in a Peninsula, there is a body of water at the west and at the east. The south could have a view also.

The area is undeveloped that is why the lots are very cheap.

Presently, the lots here are filled with natural species like trees, shrubs and fallen leaves. As of now, Cambaya can only be accessed by foot, by single motor bike or by pump boat rented at Ocam-Ocam area from our fishermen folks.

Frequently Asked Questions

These lands have no ownership decades ago since most of the island are not populated yet. You will see this when you visit Busuanga: lots of tourists in the Coron area, but when you head west, you will tread along beautiful paths but with lesser civilization. You will pass by small towns time to time, and so far, the biggest town west of Busuanga is Salvacion, my most favorite town so far in terms of the ambience.

Some, discovered lands without ownership, and they applied to DENR (Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources)  for ownership. That was around year 2009-2011. The government also approved these lots to encourage “entrepreneurial activity” in the area, as well as to acknowledge progress in this side of the paradise. 

As per the conditions of DENR, the lands cannot be sold within 7 years but after that, they can lawfully sell it to their buyers. Some of the locals sold them and some held on until their desired time. Some used their property to develop their homes. 

In the early year 2000s, tourism started to flourish in Busuanga, especially with the discovery of Coron and Kayangan Lake. The natives, who are the original settlers, benefit from the boom. The locals, which were mostly composed of immigrants since the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s also benefited through trade and tourism. Some of them put up businesses in Coron town, and ventured into buying lots in the west area.

1.5 to 2 hours from Coron Town

Why the locals are selling them? But when I went there, I noticed that most locals stay at towns. They have farms or backyard farms. When I talked to my team mates which include an attorney and a local teacher, they said that some locals sell their portions because they already have lands and own homes in the towns. Others’ reasons, they want to venture for businesses and they need to sell the land to have some initial capital.

As a Realtor, I met one classmate here in Bacolod City who happens to be a realtor also and is related to a head teacher in Busuanga. She asked my classmate to help sell the locals’ property. When I saw that him, I asked to help him market the properties.

When I arrived at the scene, the lands that are now available to be sold are the Cambaya and the Ocam-Ocam beach lots.

  • Do they have access to the beach? Yes. Each one-hectare lot has access to the beach based from the approved development plan of the government.
  • Does the area have electricity and water? As of the time of this writing, not yet. Development is still on the way. When I went there last April 2018, Geodetic Engineers are surveying the area. Only in Ocam-Ocam there is electricity and water and paved road (flattened dirt road for now).
  • How is the access to the Cambaya? The road from Coron town / Airport to New Busuanga area is cemented, well-paved, sometimes winding, sometimes lonely. At the left or right, mostly you pass by trees, hills, beach-overlooking tops and small towns and Salvacion is so far the biggest of them all. 
  • Is it safe? There’s a community organization called Barangay or Sitio officials in Ocam-Ocam. In ocam-ocam, there’s one mini bar/resto/cafe I saw two churches: One has a school (Assemblies). 

Ocam Ocam Area

Ocam Ocam Lots for Sale

Ocam-Ocam is the more developed area. This quiet and laid back part of the island has some backpacker resorts, electricity and water supply already.

Above are some of the shots I took when I visited last April 2018.

One of the resorts in Ocam-Ocam called Mission Inn. The owners of this were the first investors in this side of island. Try to search this in AirBnB. Someday, I think the development in Ocam-Ocam will be replicated in Cambaya which has far bigger land area and longer beach strip. You can see one property at AirBnB.

Map of Ocam Ocam

Available Lots in Ocam Ocam updated Sept 20, 2018

Price: 300,000
Sizes: 300sqm
Topography: Slope / Hillside but overlooking the beach and sunset

Available Lots in Ocam Ocam

  • Lot 23
  • Lot 28
  • Lot 21

Came in Nov 4, 2018

Lot 6 and 8 – side by side lots in Ocam-Ocam
Total Size: 611 sqm
Cost: P500k

How to Get There?

To Busuanga: 

I took a flight from Bacolod to Cebu, then Cebu to Busuanga via a 2 row-seater plane. 

 From Luzon, you can take a PAL flight which offers tickets as low as P1,288 one-way economic fare from Clark and Cebu directly to Coron (Busuanga). Upon arrival at Busuanga Airport, take a van to the town of Coron town.

Ocam, Ocam / Cambaya in New Busuanga. This part of the island is not very populated, so we should expect for it to be peaceful, less crowded and has lesser public transport vehicles. But it is not very hard to get there because there are lots of private companies and for-rent vehicles in the town of Coron.  

From Airport/ Coron Town get to Ocam-Ocam/Cambaya, there are at least 3 ways:

1. Hire a private van/car in Coron Town: – This is a bit pricey since you have to pay the car, the drive and the gasoline package. It’s usually around 2,000-3,000 per trip (back and forth). I and my partner have contacts there which service La Estancia resort (a nearby 5-star resort in Ocam-Ocam) and we can get discounts. 

2. Hire motor bike– this is very common for adventurous and some young foreigners especially the Westerns/Europeans. Along the way, you will mostly see them biking west, some to Calauit Safari, some to Ocam-ocam area/ black island. The road is windy but the locals are not rude drivers, just wear safety!

3. Commute: Take a Canter (a big jeepney) from Coron to Buluang. The fare is P120. Buluang is the nearest barangay from Ocam-Ocam/Cambaya where most locals buy/sell their goods or catch. From Buluang, you can ask some locals to get you a freelance motorbiker to get you to Ocam-Ocam. My advice: just don’t go there after noon so you the night won’t catch you at the roadside. It will be more difficult to get a commute. 


Where to stay in Coron?

You can do the property visit in Busuanga for a whole day but I would suggest that you return to Coron so you can enjoy your trip with some sights. The day after you visit, you can go to some attractions like island hopping and Kayangan-lake watching.

Also these properties could give you an idea what to do with the lots in Cambaya in the future.

The office of our Atty-in-Charge is near or just across this hotel, so I recommend this hotel but this is a little bit distant to the center may 2 or 3 blocks. One can rent a motor bike or hotel service to get to the pier or center. Book here. 

This view could give you idea what to do with 1 hectare property someday.

This is where we had a meeting when we met some interested buyers. I would recommend Coron EcoLodge the most because it is near to all key places. You can rent a motor bike and do some tours around the area. 

Uses of 1 hectare lands?

Just like the early positioners in Ocam-Ocam, there are lots of advantages if you decide early to a rising property. Here are some plans that our clients have when they bought:

1. Farm – food in Busuanga is expensive and hard to find. One reason is that locals were busy in the tourism industry, population force is low and entrepreneurial risk-taking is not yet ventured to. The lack of monetary capital is also a factor. 

2. Retirement Home + Passive Income- like Mission Inn, you can rest there if you are tired, and have some weeks of solitude. When you are back to your work, you can earn through AirBnb or other rental options. 

3. Resell- when the market is up and the area is more developed, your property’s value may rise, if not double. 

4. Restaurant or Mini-Resort – one hectare with a beach view is already a good capital for a future hospitality business.

How about the Titles?

We have the titles of each available lots. I can send them upon request or you can see some samples in the gallery below. 

Lot 23

Lot 24

Ocam-Ocam Titles

Lot 23

You can send a copy of the title to your legal counsel to confirm the authenticity of the titles. You can also check them to RD. 

How Can I Verify The Titles?

You can verify them at the Registry of Deeds in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  The request for the verificationis granted  around 3 to 5 days.

To verify our attorney-in-charge: ATTY. RONALD JAVAREZ CARANDANG.. His roll number at the Supreme Court  50112

When will the lots be surveyed?

The lots have been subdivided and the Geodetic engineers are already on there way on putting up the landmarks or “muhon” and they are currently (July 2018) on the Ocam-Ocam area. 

What are needed for Transfer?

  • Tax Clearance – available thru municipal assesor
  • Tax Declaration
  • Certificate of No Improvement

These are the requirments so the title can be transferred. If there’s no annotation behind the title, it’s clean title and is required before the notary. Our contacts in Coron and Busuanga will process these for the buyers, esp those who have put it the “working money” to make it possible. 

Important: Well, nothing in the world is free, even verifying titles. We have many / some experiences in the past where we have made expenses but the buyer/interested buyer never made it to the sale, and we lost. 

How will the transaction be made?

There are 3 ways:

1. Fly to Busuanga and do the transaction personally by meeting our Attorney, the right-hand of the owner or the owner himself if available. 

2. Send a representative to do the transaction for you. 

3. Deposit to Atty Carandang’s bank account. We decided that his account be used to ensure double security and peace of mind for the buyer. You can check his name at the Supreme Court’s website. Buyers will have no worry because the recipient of the deposit is an atty and they can keep the deposit slip as proof.

Please note that there is the CGT and DS Tax to be included. See below. 

What other fees included?

Capital Gains Tax + Documentary Stamp Tax. The buyer handles the capital gains tax which is 6% and the documentary stamp tax which is 1.5%. 

How Can the Title Be Sent? The buyer can choose to have the title sent to him plus the absolute deed of sale. He / she can choose his own attorney to do the transfer of title. 

Transfer of Title. Attorney Carandang, however, also offers Transfer of Title service. If the buyer wants, Atty can do it for a professional fee of P20k. The duration of this transfer is around 4 to 5 months

How will I get the title?

My partners in Busuanga will then send the Title and the Deed of Absolute Sale to the preferred address of the buyer. 


Buyer may then proceed to the development of the lot either by fencing, flattening or structure development depending on the situation. 

Buyer can tap the network of my partners in Busuanga to do the job. 

Lot 034 Beach Front Lot in Cambaya

Lot Size: 2 Hectares
Price: If cash, P4000,000
If instalment, P4,500,000 and the spot downpayment is 50%.
Location is Cambaya, New Busuanga, Busuanga Island, Palawan

Beach Front Property in Barangay New Busuanga, Busuanga Island Coron

Size: 2.3 hectares 
Location: New Busuanga, Busuanga Island, Palawan
Title: Titled property beachfront
Current structure: With a house already worth 2.5M
Price: 20M

Beachfront in Buluang, Busuanga

Size: 1 hectares 
Location: Buluang
Title: Titled property beachfront
Price: P7,000,000

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