Life Stage Financial Planning

Life Stages It is important to first determine your goals so that you can craft your Life Insurance steps, strategies and Financial Goals wisely. This is called Financial Planning. In Financial Planning, I always assist my client to know his goals by determining his LIFE STAGE, not his age. We call it LIFE STAGE FINANCIAL …

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Uses of Life Insurance using CReFaLEER Acronym

Clean up Fund- Life insurance will be used as a fund to clear obligations to lessen the headaches of the dependents. These obligations include hospital bills, funeral, taxes, estate taxes, loans, mortgages. Don’t leave a burden to your family. Instead, leave good memory. Re-adjustment Fund- cushions the family’s problems when the breadwinner dies. It will …

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SunLife Senior Care Health and Life Insurance

Looking for the best gift to your parents? SUN SENIOR CARE – our newest Critical Illness insurance product available for 50years old and up individuals, that accumulates cash values and earns dividends while providing coverage up to age 100. Let me know if you want more information.  Better protected than sorry. In 2016, we have developed …

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Open Minded- Here’s a Better Alternative Instead

There was once a man who built a house without a door. “ ‘nuff with doors”, he said. “I’m tired of being closed. Wanna be always open. Besides, I am an open-minded person.” The next day, he woke up unharmed and went to his office. When he got back at night, he saw some his …

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Bacolod Towing Services

In this post I curated Bacolod City’s towing service companies to help you during your times of road trouble.  I indicated their locations so you have options who to contact to wherever is nearest to your point of need.  I had a road trouble before where my car did not start due to exhaustion of …

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Things to Do in Bacolod City

Things to Do in Bacolod

Here are latest things to do in Bacolod City which I curated after I toured my clients/visitors. This article is a combination of my perspective and my friend’s feedbacks. I hope this list would give you more reasons to Smile.

Bacolod Province

The province where Bacolod City belongs is Negros Occidental. Negros originally and literally meant “land of black people.” It was from the first impression of the Spaniars when they first touched the shorelines of the island. Today, one of the original settlers of Negros can still be found in Kabankalan. They are the Carul-ans, and …

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Bacolod Region

Bacolod city belongs to the Western Visayas Region or Region VI. The Visayas is the central portion of the Philippines and is composed of many islands including Cebu, Leyte, and Panay. The islands of Negros and Panay (Iloilo etc.) are at the west side of this group, hence the name. In this region, you will …

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Is Bacolod Safe? Crime Rates, Law Enforcements and More

Is Bacolod safe? I will try to answer this question objectively based on my real-world observations as an ordinary citizen, as well as some statistics from officials.  I think this question can be answered by the following factors: Decreasing Crime Rates December 2018 Report: Bacolod Police reports a decrease of 23.32% in crime volume from January to …

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