Bacolod Region

Bacolod city belongs to the Western Visayas Region or Region VI. The Visayas is the central portion of the Philippines and is composed of many islands including Cebu, Leyte, and Panay.

The islands of Negros and Panay (Iloilo etc.) are at the west side of this group, hence the name. In this region, you will also find Antique, Boracay, and Guimaras.

This region was one of the first to progress in the Philippines because of the early developments in Iloilo due to Iloilo River, and later on, to the Hacienda systems developed in Negros/Bacolod. 

Western Visayas is an archepelagic region. It is composed of islands and interlinked with an array of sea and land vessels. It boasts beautiful shorelines, sunsets and beaches.

This region’s main income comes from Agricultural such as rice (Panay and some parts of Negros), and sugarcane. Human capital is also flourishing due to the presence of competent schools and universities in this region both public and private.

The sea that connects Bacolod to Panay island is called Guimaras Strait. Between us is the island called Guimaras. The government is planning to build a bridge connecting Panay-Guimaras-Negros soon. 

Bacolod’s Region, Western Visayas, is mostly composed of Ilonggo-speaking people. In the west part of Panay, there are the Karay-a speaking people. In the northern part of Negros Occidental, there are some Visaya or Cebuano-speaking people. 

From May 29, 2015, to Aug 9, 2017, Bacolod’s Region was named Negros Island Region or unofficially known as Region XVIII. 

The officials pointed out that this merger would result in the better development of the whole island which really belongs to the same land but with the different political administration. 

So far, Negros Island is the only island in the Philippines that belong to different regions.  

This short-lived region was composed of the whole island of Negros. On April 9, 2017, President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Executive Order No. 38 dissolving the Negros Island Region, making Bacolod return to Region VI. 

I read from some speculating sources that when Federalism will be successful in the Philippines, Negros Island and Siquijor will be one region called Region VI-B. 

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