015 - CopyHi, I’m Bryan Villarosa, I’m the founder of Pixel Hero Publishing. I’m a multidisciplinary graphics designer and creative leader working in Bacolod City and with clients all over the world.

I started this blog years ago. It has contained myriad of my thoughts, and has experienced a lot of challenges, some of which were forced upon me due to hackers’ attack that lost my blogging zeal for many months, but good thing I have some backups made.

Writing and designing is a personally rewarding discipline for me. Writing gives peace and refreshment , more like a catharsis. Blogging is an outlet for expression and a way to reconnect with yourself, others and the world in general.

My Philosophies:

-I believe that the chief purpose of man is to glorify and enjoy His Creator forever.
-That life is growth. To grow, we are in a constant process of trial and error.
-I believe that man’s natural and spiritual goal is to become more and more like His Maker.
-Two best ways that man reflect his greatest purpose: Solve Problems and Lead.
-Work and labor are honorable pursuits.
-Man has to develop the world and seek for its fruitfulness- this is our calling that started from the beginning.
-Patriotism is a fruit of salvation. Helping our country in all aspects of life is to embrace a wonderful calling.

Major Drives
•Graphics Design
•Christian Economics
•Dominion Theology

Managerial Expertise
•Crafts Management
•IT Company Development
•Christian/Campus Ministry
•Freelance Agency

Graphics Design
•Business Cards
•Photoshop works

Teaching/ Writing

Editing/ Writing

Philanthropic Pursuits
•Campus Ministry in the Philippines
•Youth development
•Community upliftment

Web Development


Quotes Bucket
My Philantrophies