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Hey, I’m Bryan from the Philippines, a sinner saved by grace. I am a writer, graphics artist, Bible student and church worker.

I like to share ideas, interests and blessings that He has poured out to my life. I always like to think and learn, to be a blessing to my generation and to my countrymen. In my freetime, I like to listen to sermons.

My passion is to exploit technology for God’s glory. My hobbies revolve around film-making, publishing, photography, graphics and writing.

My philosophy revolved in the fac that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

I was changed by hearing His Word, about the Truth that I deserve the Holy Wrath of the Just and Righteous God, that I am nothing but a filth and wretched sinner before Him. I was terrified under the horror of Him who sits on the throne, holy, holy, holy… Woe unto me for I am an unclean man! Depart from me a sinful man.. is nothing but my heart’s cry. Oh, how I deserve nothing but such hell. But here comes Mercy, only through Him alone my Hope is found, He is my life, my strength, my all… God was pleased to crush Him, torture Him, torment Him.. He drank all the wrath of God that was supposed to be poured out to a deserving rag like me. His Name is Jesus. He has set me free. For I heard His voice speaking, “Flee from the wrath to come! Come unto me and I will give you rest…” He won.

That was irresistible. Nothing in my hands I bring, only to His cross I cling. Until now, He continually saves me, He chastises me a poor hard-headed sinner. If he will leave me to my own freewill, there is nothing I can do but to run away from Him and go back to the mire of filth I was in before. May He not forsake me.

I graduated from Doane Bible Institute with a 5-year Bachelor’s degree, been a part-time student in Aklan State University, and starting with Masters in ABTS Cornerstone University. I am a youth disciple from Fellowship Baptist Church of Bacolod, and now working in Banga FBC.

Authors I like to read: John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon, John Piper, TheGospelCoalition, the Puritans, R.C. Sproul, and most of all, Christ.

Influencial Books:

If I have time, I like to read, run and write. Here is a book I wrote as a ghost author.

I have also published online articles as a guest writer for overseas organizations:

Softwares I use: Evernote, wordpress, gmail, adobe creaitive suite cs6, amazon kindle, google calendar, e-sword, dropbox and easyworship.

You can also subscribe or connect to me through TwitterGoogle Plus, or Email.

Feel free to drop a message below.

Sola Gratia. Soli Deo Gloria.

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