I run a start-up IT company called PixelMajesty. We provide professional outsourced services for companies and individuals. Here’s a hint of what we do: creating good (Eph. 2:10).

Years of exposure allowed me to venture into managerial responsibilities, molded me to continually develop personally and shaped me to provide sustainable and efficient outputs. As a freelancer, I also have extensive experience and expertise with the knots and bolts of helping people create successful endeavors. We continually seek to develop opportunities, leverage talents and nurture human capital here in the Philippines.

Through the years as a Tentmaker, I have developed the following skills which I continually develop and merge with my entrepreneurial ventures to achieve greater value and profitability: Graphics Design / Web Development/ WordPress / Creative Writing / Multimedia / Animation / Social Media Management / Outsourcing / Ecommerce / Web and Multimedia Fruition.




I write about many things that runs through my mind. The topics that I like to talk about mostly revolve around Economics, Tech, Philippines and Theology.


Bryan Villarosa

I enjoy working with people, growing with them and learning from them. My passions revolve channeling truths, and striving to live purposefully.

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