Financial Needs Analysis Calculator for Filipinos

Insurance is not just for the rich. You need some form of insurance because if you make a mistake, you may not recover financially from a major collapse. Avoiding this mistake is not too difficult if you will just make some easy steps.

Investing regularly is a discipline and a virtue. Many Filipinos don’t want to practice it and would rather have the Bahala Syndrome towards life. Future-orientation, discipline and simplicity are crucial for building true and lasting wealth.

I am also an advocate of Regular Church Giving- whether on acts of faith, missions or benevolence. I believe this gives meaning and eternal value to your pursuit to work.

Below is a form that will help you determine the goals you would reach so you can prepare financial milestones for the future. This will help you determine your financial life’s “total needs” that will consider your current resources, present and future income, investments, interest rates, return and yields and life’s realities.

I will then send you a PDF containing recommended targets so you can prepare ahead for your goals/ uncertainties like your child’s education, hospitalization, retirement, life’s milestones and uncertainties.

Please note that I used SunLife’s FNA as reference in this form but I used rearrangements, own words and different system. If you will receive no response from me within 2 days, kindly follow-up so I can make you one.


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