Sari-Sari Takeaways 11/6/2016

sari sari take aways

Discounted Ebooks
Today’s Ebook Deals include Stephen Curry ($2.99), God’s Crime Scene ($2.99), NIV Lifehacks Bible ($1.99), Alone: Orphaned in the Ocean ($1.99), Rescuing the GospelRescuing the Gospel ($2.99).

Design is not Art
I’ve been a Graphic Designer since 2005, but I never saw myself as an artist. Art seemed to have another meaning. I have rather seen myself as a problem-solver trying to attain goals while overcoming challenges. Art, on the other hand, has a non-quantifiable element and mystery. These thoughts were all scattered and unpacked until I found Milton Glaser’s article putting these thoughts into words.

Martin Luther is a Media Strategist
New York times features the genius of Martin Luther as he took advantage of the media of his day. If he were alive today, he would use Social Media to pioneer a revolution. He also used the medium of art, books, painting and music and strategically made them as instruments to spread out his theological and spiritual cause. The Reformation is still not finished. If he had the press of Guttenberg, we may have Google. If he posted on a door, our generation can post to a “wall” or to society’s source of knowledge.  What steps can you follow from Martin Luther to spread out the Message that can change the world?

Tom Woods interviews Gret Glyer, a 26 year old app developer of DonorSee who lives in Malawi, Africa. DonorSee is an app which could allow you to directly send support to causes or missionaries anywhere in the world. No middle man, no extra charges, just you extending help. Malawi, Africa is one of the poorest countries, yet Gret lived out his App Development skills there. His tentmaking style is an ongoing trend in Tentmaking Missions right now because it allows you to be on a geolocation without leaving the country and while raising your own support. It maybe difficult to some, thinking they want to give fulltime concentrate on missions, but not all the times that is the case.

Everything you crave
Leads to the Heart of God
The only journey that matters
is the journey of desire -Bryan V.

Grace to us for a productive day!

Sari-sari is a Filipino word which means assorted. An effort to share some precious bits of truth and Worldviews regarding events happening around us. In case you missed them, here are my previous Sari-Sari Takeaways.


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