Redeeming The Kingdom of Apriya (Fiction)

I love stories that are allegorical of the Gospel. When I watched The Hunger Games (I forgot what version it was), there was that song that had the words, “Are you coming to the tree?” It was a mysterious yet meaningful song. It gave a deep impression of the Gospel to me. 

Here’s my past work for our Creative Writing subject at school. It is my submitted written exam. I thought of posting this. It’s a fictional, fantastical and a (very) short story:


“You’re tired and weary. Come with me. It won’t be easy but you’ll be free.” These were the words that Akra kept on hearing each night for two days already. It starts to call her when she is about to sleep at 11PM.

The voice came from the dark woods across the street, outside her war-torn house. No one lives there. Akra believed it was another fellow prisoner trying to make another failed attempt to escape the Regime. If she minds that person, it could cause regret, or even cost her her life.

After Akra’s parents were killed by Emperor Ambrib, she then assumed the role as the protector and nourisher of her two younger sisters. In vengeance, she tried to attack the mayor of her town on one occasion but she failed. When the Emperor knew that Akra attacked his subordinate, his psychotic whims led him to command death to Akra’s sisters.

Every morning, Akra goes with the same routine- till the ground for the Emperor’s construction projects under the point of rifles and binoculars. Almost everyday, blood spilled the road for two reasons: First, because a prisoner tries to escape, second, a death order comes from the Emperor. People of Apriya can no longer take the unbearable slavery of the Empire- and they risk anything in exchange for freedom.


If a prisoner wants to save a family member from death, the prisoner should exchange his Apriya Nametag Bracelet so his life will be taken in exchange of another person. That day, two old fathers exchanged their ANB with their two sons who were sentenced to death because of sloppy work.

When Akra was about to sleep that night, the voice again said, “Are you coming?.” That moment, the voice suddenly became so clear that she recognized that it was the voice of her lover. All that Akra knew was that he disappeared few weeks ago. She wasn’t sure why. But he disappeared, she was apathetic to him. She didn’t care for him because she has the innate attribute of securing herself only, as always.

That night, the voice fueled the gush of compassion inside her. So she went straight to the dark, not minding the guards that might arrest her in violation of the curfew. She walked far until she reached the woods, and into the dark of the night, the voice said, “Come and you’ll be free.”

At some point in the darkness, she knew she had arrived. The dark clouds uncovered the moon’s reflection and revealed what’s in front of her. In front of her were the bones of her lover hanging on a tree. He was hanged by the Empire and left dead. The rope was still in his neck bones which are already dry and white.

Tears flowed down her eyes. She can’t believe the atrocity done to him. She can’t believe how apathetic she was at their last moment. She knelt down in deep pain. Then she saw that the name in the Apriya Nametag Bracelet of her lover was hers. She immediately looked at her ANB and found out they had exchanged bracelets. Akra was about to be killed because of her rebellion, but her lover took upon him her death.

“Come, take your freedom. Follow me and you’ll be free,” whispered by the bones. When she looked up, the bones were no longer there. What was left was the hanging rope. She believed him. She trusted him. She loved him. Then she stood on the rock, took the rope, placed it around her neck and jumped.

When her eyes opened, she found herself with a new life and inner strength. She was wearing a royal suit and  surrounded by people like her appearance- ready for battle, ready to fight Emperor Ambrib and redeem the Empire of Apriya.

And who was beside her? It was the commander, her lover- and his name is Adron.


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