Sari-Sari Takeaways 10/30/16

sari sari take aways

A pleasant day! Here are recommended posts and discounted books that you might want to avail.

Ebook Deals
Ringmaster’s Wife ($1.99), Invisible (FREE), If I Run ($1.99), Good Book ($0.99). And The Angels Were Silent by Max Lucado ($0.99).

“Constructive Nonformity” to Make Workplace Happy

Harvard Business Review links Corporate Social Theory to the thesis that less pressure to Conformity at the Work Place leads to more Personal Productivity. Freedom to explore, be at the best use of gifts and strengths, stressing that the company is not perfect, and questioning (not rebelling) against the status quo by using “What ifs?, Why? And How about?”and Maximizing Variety lead to creative productivity. The historical term they use is Constructive Nonconformity.

Write the Way You Talk
Paul Graham writes that the more we write in a conversational manner, the more we can gather an audience. He argues that in order to be effective write, write just the way you talk. People smell authenticity. I think people are magnetized to people that reflect themselves, and when we are two different persons in speaking and writing, inauthenticity leads to less relevance.

Anatomy of a Viral Blog
Virality now defines majority of our culture. It shapes trends and captures the dreams of the Internet community. Ever wonder how a post becomes viral? Neil Patel enumerates important elements that you may help boost your work such as word count, time of posting, content type and others.

Save Yourself from Hardaches
by backing your WordPress Blog regularly. Here’s my post months ago on some practical ways to protect yourself from massive date disaster.

Paying Tax through GCash
Save that time of lining up or travelling to the bank by paying cash (or SSS) through your mobile phone. If you are self-employed, this is much more useful. Instead of having all those hard-ups of time constraints, GCash is a friend to help. Here’s how.

Don’t Let The Quality of Your Work Suffer by Taking Too Many Clients
As freelancers, we tend to feel regrets over that client we didn’t accept, so we always have the tendency to overcommit and suffer time constraints, low quality output or bad feedback. Here’s how to be a good steward of your time and rare resources.

Youtube Tutorial: How to Invest to Mutual Funds Using Existing COL Financial Account
Investing in the Stock Market could demand your constant watch and concern. If you don’t want to do that, but rather devote your time to work and family and let other professionals manage your investment funds for you, get a Mutual Fund. Having a COL Financial Account is an advantage. Here’s my Youtube Tutorial on how to start an MF.

Grace to us for a productive day!

Sari-sari is a Filipino word which means assorted. An effort to share some precious bits of truth and Worldviews regarding events happening around us. In case you missed them, here are my previous Sari-Sari Takeaways.



  1. Constructive Nonconformity. How can i relate this to Biblical work ethic?
    Write Like you Talk. It is actually a good strategy to take, specifically in feature writing,so, it can’t be purely inauthentic.


    • Hi Tentmaker. I believe that all Truth moves upward and leads to God (John 14:6), and that all truth is God’s truth. So if a certain field discovers a truth, on this case, a corporate behavioral psychology, I believe that breathes the life of the Scriptures and contains the connection and power to move society upward.


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