Sari-Sari Takeaways 10/23/16

So here I am again revisiting this section and hoping to regain some momentum. Here are some recommended ebooks and readings.

Kindle Deals:
Here are Ebooks on sale which you can take advantage of CS Lewis: A Life Inspired ($2.99), The Coaching Mindset ($0.99), When You Want to Yell at God: The Book of Job ($2.99), Taking Christian Moral Thought Seriously ($2.99), I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy ($0.99), Forward: 7 Distinguishing Marks for Future Leaders10% Happier ($2.99),

The App that Helps You Review for Important Exams
Whether you are riding a bus, jeepney, plan or simply waiting next in line, you can make that time productive by reviewing for a future exam! Zookal is an android test prep app provides students with thousands of questions and quizzes for school, college and licensure entrance tests and exams.”

Your Concept of the Future Shapes the Way Your Live Today
Gary North writes, “your concept of destiny shapes your concept of history: past, present, and future. Secondary conclusion: a society’s concept of destiny shapes its view of history: past, present, and future.”

Truth is Sovereign Even to the Realm of Economics
Albert Mohler outlines 12 theses on Christian Economics that shape Christian Worldview and Culture. He argues that “we must recognize that the Christian worldview does not demand or promote a particular economic system.” Some may argue that either (1) Capitalism (2) or Communism is superior than the other, but I still believe the term for the Biblical Economic worldview is Free Market- a commonsense guide to Our Daily Bread. 

My best wishes for a productive day!

Sari-sari is a Filipino word which means assorted. An effort to share some precious bits of truth and Worldviews regarding events happening around us. Incase you missed them, here are my previous Sari-Sari Takeaways.


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