Theology of Work Notes

This sermon is given by John MacArthur

God is an Eternal, Everlasting, Powerful, Mighty, Tireless, Almighty kind of Worker.

Work is the God-ordained way to redeem the universe from the curse. Work is to demonstrate the glory of the Worker-God, to extract the best riches and potentials of this earth, to display His wisdom through us, and extend His grace to the world.

Nations who adopted a worldview of redemption rises to progress and stays in progress because they see work not as a curse but as a virtue, a dignity and an honor.

Dichotomy- All material things are evil. Only spiritual work matters.

Work gives man dignity and purpose in life. The way for man to imitate his Creator.

One thing that Martin Luther hated was the division of the clergy and laity work. That the “spirtual” work is higher calling and the non-clergy are lower calling.

Christians must be among all people most motivated to work.