Chunks of Thoughts about Duterte’s Candidacy

Two thoughts about Duterte from his recent Rappler interview:

1. “The [government] authorities are not a terror to those who do good, but to those who do evil…” (Romans 1:13:3) If we are to choose a government leader in 2016, he or she must be a “Terror to those who do evil.” They are the Imago Dei of the Great Judge that will hold all men accountable someday.

This is the Divine design for the government. If evil doers are not afraid of a leader, the Creator’s common grace and blessing will not be poured in this country. I remember one time before landing to Singapore, the airplane crew said something like, “Please remember, those who transport illegal drugs to Singapore will surely be put to death.”

2. The 6th commandment is not “Thou shalt not kill.” It’s actually “Thou shalt not murder.” There is a difference between “killing” and “murdering.”

If killing is wrong, then the God of the Old Testament who approves of Capital Punishment will be committing sin or contradiction to Himself.‪#‎eveningthoughts‬ ‪#‎bv‬

“God designs everything. Man does not craft his own destiny on this planet… I will run for President.”- Duterte on Sovereignty