Gleaning Ideas for Branding and Small Business


“The future of the Philippines is digital.” No, it’s actually the present. The now.

Philippines is globally-positioned as one of the best places to do business. My vision for my company, Pixel Hero, is to take advantage of three major advantage of Philippines;

  1. Highly-Skilled Talent,
  2. A culture well-exposed to English and Western mentality and
  3. A Secured ICT Infrastructure.

This was the core thrust of IT Expo of the conference at SMX Bacolod yesterday. I was only able to attend the Branding Conference and half of the Digital Tech Innovation of Globe Telecom.

In the past months, I’ve been thoroughly thinking what would be my USP or Unique Selling Promotion for my small business/ office. Two things are on the top of my list:

1. Outsourcing- offer IT services to clients abroad
2. Printing- offer branding, publishing and identity products to local clients

So the two have different target markets. The two have varying degrees of differences.

But both are my competency and my passion. In a matter of time, me and my team would transfer to the new office I’m setting up to slowly enter the market scene. My prayer is that through time, He’ll give the strength the conquer challenges along the way.

Meanwhile, here’s an article I just read. It states that the hidden jewel of the philippines, the new Pearl of the Orient, is no other than our people. It’s through outsourcing.