“It’s Still Version 1.0”

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The fear of being criticized paralyzes us for creating meaningful work. The pursue-perfection-first-before-shipping mindset will only drag many to procrastination.

No action is still an action. You may fail, but call it version 1.0. It’s not the failing that counts, it’s the failing and rising again, and moving from version 1.0 to 1.1. There will be no Apple and no Samsung if their pioneers did not have the “version 1.0” mentality.

Entrepreneurship is all about choosing battles, sticking with the right ones and giving up the not-so-worth it wars. It’s conserving your arsenals, maximizing your assets and believing on your soldiers.

It’s how you stick with your niche and persevere in mastering your craft.

It’s the love that counts, not the selfish illusion that perfection can be achieved in this side of heaven, when the truth is that we don’t until we change this imperfect robe of flesh. And don’t compare your version 1.0 to others’ version 33.2, they have been in version 1.0 sometime.

Start something, but call it version 1.0. Go back next time with fresh strength and move to the next level. Do the baby steps. Don’t over-exhaust. It’s the little rises that count.