Teach Them How to Fish

What is the best investment that a mature adult could give to a child? or a developed nation to a developing one?

A. Loan
B. Aid
C. Education

“Foreign aid without education is good in the short term, but harmful in the long term. This breeds entitlement mentality.” -This is the one of the core thoughts I digested from Grudem’s book Poverty of Nations.

Entitlement mentality in simple terms is the mindset that someone somewhere owes me a certain amount of support- especially the Government. This is the cause of Greek economy’s downfall. It’s like a teenager who does not work or study or make value in his life and still demands allowance. Entitlement mentality exists in the minds of those who blame the government for everything, including those who should’ve been blamed because of their own misbehavior.

Micro and macro level aid is harmful when the object of aid is not trained and educated. It’s like giving “pearls to the pigs” (Matthew 7:6).

Proverbs 22:26: Train up a child in the way he should go. This verse does not only apply to literal children. This applies to nations. The developed nations should invest on developing ones by building true and solid foundations. The prime foundation is education. The right thing is not just only giving alms. It is giving wisdom, training, education, knowledge, truth, rebuke, assessment, companionship and counsel.

Don’t just give them fish. Teach them how to fish.