Free and Priceless

Free but Priceless |
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There are three kinds of free.

1.) When something is free but has no value, it’s called worthless. Quality is compromised for the sake of price. Value is put to death when both the quality and the price are sacrificed. Value cannot be destroyed since the market is all about the exchange of value. Total garbage has no value, no price, no worth… but it is free.

2.) When something is free but has high value, then a product becomes cheap. This second kind of free means that valuables are attached to some goods or prices are lowered down at a certain period of time. This is rare. This happens during sales, discounts, coupons, promos, deals and other bargains.

3.) When something is free but has incomparable value, it’s called priceless. This is much rarer and also much abundant. It’s a paradox that something could be free but priceless.

When our eyes are opened to the realities of life, there are things that are free yet of priceless value.

In terms of software, I consider WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and many blog authors as those that give free but priceless services.

In terms of people, true friends and families are free (you don’t buy them at some point, they come to your life), but in their “freeness” is where their pricelessness is found.

In terms of nature, oxygen, natural views, singing birds, sunlight, rain and thousands of other gifts are free (unless some cases need them to have a price tag).

In terms of superiority, the one thing that exceed all kinds of priceless-free is Salvation. Salvation is free. It is a gift to be accepted. It has no price for the receiver, yet the value of the gift is beyond compare. That gift is priceless. It’s eternal life. It’s everlasting joy. It’s freedom, companion and bliss. It’s Christ.