Land of Opportunity or Threat?


A society overpowered by falleness is a society that lacks faith. Faith is believing. Faith is married to hope. Faith is to see hope amidst a dark tunnel and an unknown future. True faith is believing on a certain pathway.

1.) A society without faith is a fearful society. These people see the world as a land of threat. Fear dominates because faith is absent. This society is afraid to obey the Mandate of the Creator.

They always give excuses. They are expert in giving alibis, “There is a lion in the street. There is failure on the way. There is too much risk. There is no hope. So we better sit down, curl up and lie down idly on our beds.” (Paraphrasing of Proverbs 26:13).

2.) A society overpowered by faith is a society of hope. They are confident, not on themselves or horoscopes or intuitions, but they are confident on sure Principles. Their hope is strong because what they believe is stable. Faith comes by hearing, staying and submitting under these Principles.

When Filipinos or any other country adhere to these Words, they become a society of opportunities. Yes, this society see and experience threats. They fail, they fall, they stumble, they commit mistakes, but they rise up again (Proverbs 24:16). They grow from their mistakes. They become stronger, not weaker, due to their pain. They move forward. They move upward. They flourish.