Created Unto Goodworks

“For we are His workmanship…” Ephesians 2:10

When Thomas Edison attempted to create the light bulb, he failed many times at first. Before Da Vinci finished Mona Lisa, he had a ton of errors and scratches. Before Shakespeare produced his Romeo and Juliet, he had countless mistakes.

Men are imperfect. But in our imperfection, there’s a point in our lives that we create a wonderful masterpiece that bring awe and attention.

But here’s a Perfect Designer. What more can he produce except great masterpieces? His masterpiece is not the mere universe: not just the mountains, the scenes, the picturesque tourist attraction. His best creation is we. We are His workmanship.

Salvation leads to transformation. Man does not end up being saved from errors and sin alone. Man is continually being saved from plateau, from regression and from unworthiness.

When He creates a workmanship, He finishes it (Philippians 1:6). He does not just finish haphazardly. He finishes strong and good and beautiful.