Worldviews about Work

Demeaning work is looking down on productive and wise workmanship. It’s a mentality that associates the character of industry to deception.

It is to look down on valuable work as some form of exploitation, more likely driven by materialism, laziness or covetousness

Labor is an honorable pursuit. Those who labor honestly should be honored by the society.

Viewing business as morally good is a truthful act, rather than associating evil to success, industry, wisdom and philanthropy.

We should honor and encourage that process. A society should see and redeem business activity as a way of imitating the Creativity of the God who created them.

An man who is an honest, smart and diligent maker reflects an excellent Maker. He is an Imago Dei.

Society should give honor to whom it is due. We flourish in that kind of mind.

People who spend their life creating value, turning the wasted resources to solutions, working with wasted lives to turn them into glorious human resources, not worshipping work as an idol, we are to look at them as great reflectors of God’s glory.

A Biblical and positive view of work leads to striving for excellence in the realm of work, network and relationships.