Time Stewardship: Keep it short but meaningful

1J1GWCOZE0 - Copy

What is scarce is expensive. Higher demand and lower supply means higher price.

We are created as stewards of creation. Notice in Genesis 1 that the first day is the division of day and night. Time is a creation that needs to be taken care of. We are created to manage time.

In the Information age, data is abundant but people’s attention is scarce. This era skyrocketed the demand for attention, but the supply of time to pay attention remains low. Attention becomes more valuable. To waste people’s attention is to waste something expensive.

Therefore, not wasting people’s time is a matter of stewardship. In practice, in could mean keeping your messages brief yet substantial. It could mean keeping your posts or your talks straightforward yet meaningful.

For friendships, it means giving time to listen. It means giving an expensive commodity to a person you care about.

For business and work, it’s about creating a product or service that will save people’s time. To save time is to save life and money.

Hacking time takes work, but it’s a way to imitate and glorify our Maker. It’s also a way of honoring other’s attention. It’s the practical side of caring (Mark 12:31).


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