Month: August 2015

The spread of new calvinism

The protestant reformation and the awakening of the new world because of the discovery of one great invention in the 16th century- the movable-type printing press. In His one big decree and timeline, there is a second wave of this revolution brought about by the new kind of media- the Internet. Challies writes about the …

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The power of taking notes

You’re doing a mistake if you fail to take notes. We are slow learners. We are forgetful. We need to aid the memory. The dullest pen is sharper than the sharpest mind. Brilliant minds need notes, and everyone too.

Cast down imaginations

There are practical people in life and ministry who could fall into a certain kind of pride. They tend to look down on others who have less activity or practical ministry. This might be called the pride of action-orientedness. Pride of activity and practical schedules could cause someone to judge or look down on those …

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“Just live by faith”

Faith is believing the unseen even you haven’t seen it (Hebrews 11:1). It is not seeing the final destination, but believing you can arrive there by taking one small step at a time. It is to have the light on your path, it is believing what that light tells you. Faith is obeying the revealed …

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Embrace Change. Love Transformation.

In order to grow in life, you must embrace change because life is change. Without growth, there is no life. When something is not growing, it is dead. A growing life is loving transformation, renewing mind and seeking positive change. [Romans 12:2]

The value of rest

Is not an escape from duties, but a gathering of batteries for the duties. Those who value life and love others will prioritize rest.

Business is all about recognizing the gifts God has given to each man

and using those gifts for the Common Good. The 19th century Great Britain has become great because of their Protestant-Biblical understanding of the principle of the Body. Romans 13 and 14 describes that each member of the body has special strengths which was given for the good of all members. No one should boast against …

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“It’s Still Version 1.0”

The fear of being criticized paralyzes us for¬†creating¬†meaningful work.¬†The pursue-perfection-first-before-shipping¬†mindset will only¬†drag many to procrastination. No action is still an action. You may fail, but call it version 1.0. It’s not the failing that counts, it’s the failing and rising again, and¬†moving from version 1.0 to 1.1. There will be no¬†Apple and no Samsung if …

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Growth is Not From You

“I did everything.” “There’s no hope.” “Where are the fruits?” Frustrations come when we think we are the author of growth. Disappointments come when we steal the role of¬†God, thinking we can make all things work and perfect. Peace comes when we only claim ownership of the¬†tasks of watering and planting, and leave¬†the growing part …

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