Prefer not to call it failure


A tree stands tall because the roots below have  spent years searching. The roots spent countless times of trial and error. In order to rise, roots below should do the dirt work. They have taken countless errors, so the tree could stand. In this sense, growth exists because errors have existed. It seems the roots are a failure… at first.

A map maker doesn’t have a map. No one has gone before what he’s going through now. He is trailblazing. He tests on certain paths, some of his attempts did not work, some of his trials did not lead to the goal he’s trying to reach. It seems the map maker is a failure… at first.

Later on, both the tree and the map maker has established new paths. They ended up more knowledgeable. They pioneered a new horizon. The tree ended up strong and tall. The map maker taught others the way. Both learned from their errors. Both of them gained. Much benefited from their so called “errors.”

Prefer not to call it failure. Call them learnings. “Fail forward”.


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