Why E-Sword’s TSK is Transformational

Screenshot - 7_29_2015 , 3_31_58 PM

Want to upgrade your solitude and life-reflection moments? If you’re into using digital tools, I recommend E-sword.

E-sword is a digital Scripture software. I’ve been using it for more than 7 years now, and I can testify that it changed my life, simply because it’s no other than the Scripture and all its guiding tools in one place.

It’s a Bible software for PCs and which is also available for Macs. For apps, I usually use MySword.

Three things why I value E-sword:

1.) Because it’s free- “keep it simple and do the obvious!” is its birthing slogan last year 2000. Rick Myers narrates its wonderful story.

2.) Because it’s simple to use- I’ve tried using other Bible software, but E-sword keeps coming back to my mind. It’s interface simply captures my research-oriented interests.

3.) Because it comes with free TSK- or the Treasure of Scripture Knowledge. TSK is under the commentary department of Esword. It allows you to see other cross-references or related verses to any particular verse.

I’m sure other Bible software contains TSK too. “The Bible interprets Bible” is simply the overriding job of TSK. This empowers students and learners to look at the Scripture in a holistic manner. It allows people to see one truth in different forms of expression. It allows readers to experience the timeless power of Biblical exposition.

Screenshot - 7_27_2015 , 9_29_25 PM
The typical interface of E-Sword upon Download

Screenshot - 7_27_2015 , 9_31_48 PM

When you click the verse above, TSK will give you the different related verses.

I personally enjoy cross references because they are surprising. It has the power to give familiar verses a fresh outlook, especially when TSK links them to an Old Testament or less familiar texts.

For me, this experience is worthy to be shared. Try it, and your life may enjoy extraordinary transformation.

You can download E-sword here.

How did E-sword transform the way you study? Share in the comments below.


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