The Power of Information in your hands


“If you are going to change the world, pick up your pen and write,” Martin Luther said more than 400 years ago. What he said became true, he was instrumental in changing the course of Europe and of the world forever.

I was trained in a Theological school, and one of the disciplines we are required to develop throughout our lives is to examine the meaning of words objectively. We usually do this by using tools such as Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, Word Study Guides and Concordances. This has shaped me greatly on how to view the world and life, and guided me in the future steps of shaping and reshaping my beliefs.

We are in the dawning decades of Information Age. I believe it’s important for Millennials to develop an objective and reliable way of discernment, and grow deeper roots in pursuing True Etymology (or word study). One of the words to best understand is “inform.”

“Inform” comes from two words:
1.) “In”- synonymous to interior, heart, core, stomach and soul.

2.) “Form”- to shape, to configure, to design, to arrange, to structure or to build.

Literally, to inform means to shape from within. It is to build a soul, to design a heart, to structure a generation.

Blogging, informing, preaching, writing, publishing and any other forms of “informing” are the businesses of shaping people from within.

Informing is all about making a difference. Informing could be in the form of writing (blogs, ebooks), visual-communication (videos, animations) or audio presentation (preaching, podcasts, music). Building people’s lives should be the heart of publishing. Growing a culture is the power of informing.

If you are in the sphere of informing, or planning to venture to it, keep in mind that it’s not about living for self, it’s primarily about others, giving meaning, shaping lives and enlightening their understanding.

The advent of the internet expanded this opportunity for all of us. If you only have a computer and an internet, you have an untapped potential in your hands. Only two things, yet you have a lot of potential for compounding difference.

The power of information could be in your hands, but it always take time, discipline, humility and consistency to master it. It’s always good to remember that with great power comes great responsibility.


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