Preparing for the Sunset Years

What if we instantly know what’s going on in the minds of our parents? What are those in the spectrum of age 50 silently thinking? This article by John Bloom reminds me of my parents, and also my grandparents, about the things they are going through and thoughts that dwell in their minds, allowing us to better understand their inner needs.

This statement in the article struck me most: “Our body is weary, and our mind is susceptible to mental diversions. Regrets, anxieties, and fears cloud our thinking more than they did at the beginning. We are faced with various temptations to give up.” John Bloom describes the general condition that he and his fellow Generation X-ers go through.

He brought to us the inner man of what a 50-ish man feels and thinks, helping us to better understand our parents and loved ones. Words here empower us to honor them and love them more beyond the successes and failures they have done.

“My expectations, and certainly my self-image, are not what’s important,” he adds. I see there is an intense struggles between the sense of defeat and victory in this stage of life. Yet Bloom gives a sentence that solves that dilemma.

“So as I help lead the vanguard of Generation X into our sixth decade in the race of faith, with the rhythm of my feet upon the pavement and through some fatigue, I’m preaching to myself, There’s sufficient grace to endure the race (2 Corinthians 12:9; Hebrews 12:1).”

Let me end in a theo-economic note by quoting what he said in the introductory part, “Retirement is not something I’m prepared to think about yet, either psychologically or financially (though I may be prepared in the former sense before the latter sense).”

As a twenty-something or any younger than 50, what are you presently doing to prepare yourself for reaching that age? What plans are we following so we could better answer his question above?

Read more about Turning Fifty and Still Fighting for Faith by John Bloom.


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