Do you tweet? Upgrade with this tool

There are times you have tweets that exceed 140 characters, or at times you just wanted to do something different. Upgrade your tweets by using TallTweets. It lets you create Tweetstorm and Tweetshot.

Tweetstorm breaks down your long sentences and posts them in a sequential string of tweets. It gives you the ability to turn paragraphs and even long-articles to one-of-a-kind text-flow. You can also highlight, bold, strikethrough, italize or h3-ize them. You can also turn your tweets into an image using Tweetshot if you have it more than 140 characters.

“The main advantage with Tall Tweets is that your Twitter followers can read your entire tweet inside their favorite Twitter client. This is also true for image tweets since most Twitter apps (and the website) offer inline image previews,” wrote Digital Inspiration.

To use, visit their site and log-in using your twitter account.

Screenshot - 7_24_2015 , 10_01_26 AM


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