Politeness to Success


There’s a saying that goes, “you could always tell a “big man” by the way he treated a “little” man.” The measurement of greatness is not merely on the size of one’s influence, but on the size one’s heart.

Is our heart big enough to accommodate the “little” people around us? Those who are “non-extraordinary” people whom we encounter everyday? Or do we have secluded affection to those who are in good-terms with us only?

As you go to work, school or business, take time to notice these people who are brought to you in the sequence of today’s events. Think of “little” ways to inspire, help and motivate others so would shine the Light to them and help make this world a better place (Matt. 5:16, Genesis 1:28).

Let’s not miss to say our polite thanksgiving to that gasoline boy, that security guard, that apartment lady and taxi driver. They are our mission for today and for the rest of our life, little by little, inch by inch.

Give that greeting even if it is not sure to be returned. Be more glad if they give back. Take time to say “thank you” and “good morning”- this may make someone’s day.

May our “busy-ness” and “business” not interfere the Light within. Hide it not under a bushel. Let it shine, you have it. Retain the human qualities that will lift you to success and favor in the eyes of God and man.

As you go home from work, you may have a bad-day. May we not let the ruined day further ruin our opportunities to invest and meet people and do simple things . Be generous of good emotions. Take time to produce good-relationships and honoring atmosphere.


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