Hope gives strength

There are two ways you can motivate:

You use intimidation by building a threatening environment— one that signals to your workers “you’re dispensable, i can replace you when you’re out. So do your job or walk out without other choice.” You can capitalize on highlighting negative sanctions since your subordinates have nowhere to go. You paralyze people of the threat of unemployment and many other deprivations. You see them as cogs, replaceable, assembly-line workforce.

Or you see them as objects of growth. You give hope, training and direction. You foster and nourish. You see them beyond the assembly-lines. You build a culture of trust. You dont just expect them to perspire, you inspire. You invest value. You give away your life too even there are things you should have kept for yourself.

Either of these two have produced successful entrepreneurs. Both patterns will let you leave a legacy. But only one will be worth remembering, worth emulating and worth memorializing.


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