How are you coping up with some 21st century life challenges?

Time is never static. Change is the only constant. Yet, time favors the prepared. Time favors the righteous (Romans 8:28). The righteous looks forward for the future and prepares for it, not worries for it (Proverbs 6:6). He is confident who holds His future because He follows the Holder’s instructions.

Startups, ministries, teams and working groups need to invest time and resources on the right tools to stay fruitful (Psalm 1). Entrepreneur shares 9 Essential Tools for Agile Product Development.

Eric Geiger acknowledges the impact of casual conversations in forming a culture. Here are seemingly little words that swerve fast across our ears, but take a closer look why these 8 things should never be said when developing leaders.

While writing this blog post, I just came from a convenience store to spend some outdoor time and to give rest to my brain. I was struggling with some self-criticisms and life in general, and can’t help but cry out to the Lord for relief. I thought that I could have said things that pressed wrong emotions to me and to others. RC Sproul gives a profound summary how we should respond to attacks and criticisms. He cites Jonathan Edwards saying, “[Critics or attackers could] injure my body, steal my money, or even destroy my reputation. However, all of these things have to do only with the cares and pleasures of this world. But we have an inheritance that is laid up in heaven, a treasure no one can steal or defile (1 Peter 1:4). It is protected by the Lord Himself.” Simple yet comforting.

How about you? Have you been attacked lately? Not sure what or how to respond?


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