3 Tips in Forming Your Brand Name

Whether you are starting an organization, business, startup or ministry, it is very important to devote quality time in selecting your brand name. The 21st century is the dawn of Information Age, and this means that creative ways of presenting your name and information is crucial for marketability and success.

1.) Your brand name can be absolutely unrelated to the value you are offering. Take for example “Starbucks” which is neither about stars nor bucks. The newly formed word creates the brand from the scratch. Who would have thought the a Brand called “Google” would arise from nowhere and define a uniquely 20th-21st century term (since 1990)? A neologism it is.

2.) Change one letter to make a homonym (different spelling but same sound). Pick a word related to your business, and change one letter to another character but still retain the same pronunciation. The commenting system called Disqus is one example.

3.) Use online tools called Wordoid, NameBird or BusinessNameGenerator.com. These will help you come up with ideas. Standout by selecting your remarkable brand name.


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