How entrepreneurs face a broken world

We live in a broken system.

Brokenness characterizes the society separated from the truth, life and right methodology.

We live in a world where there exists a people called Entrepreneurs. They come and they are moved by the sight of a fallen system. Their hearts get broke by the view of a broken world.

Entrepreneurs do not create needs. They probe. They discover the problems, they anticipate future problems. They seek the roots.

It’s not that they deny reality, they face reality. They take risks.

By the truth of the situations they move. They use words and actions. They allocate themselves, let alone they sacrifice.

They know they have limited resources, yet they find way to maximize them.

They constantly mitigate risks and challenge the society to move upward. They act as agents of rescue.

When justice and equity works, entrepreneurs gain the rewards for those risks which they have taken.

They long for light, meaning, productivity, reproductivity and sustainability.


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