Fear vs. Fear: What keeps you from shining?

What keeps you from making a difference?

What hinders you from being creative? To do meaningful work? Or art?

One of them is fear.

Fear of failing.

Fear of getting rejected.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of people’s reaction.

Fear of comments.

Fear of XYZ…

But there has to be a kind of fear that should overcome all of them:

It’s the fear of not trying.

Fear of not being able to overcome.

Fear of not shining.

Fear of not doing meaningful, purposeful work.

So the antidote to fear is fear.

Solomon shouts, “Fear God.” The wisest man said it is the whole duty of man.

So fight fear with fear.

Fear is not to be denied. It is not to be ignored. It has to be managed.

We all have fears. We just have to know which fear to follow.

At the end of the day, it’s fear vs. fear

Which fear should overpower you?


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