Support System

When you go entrepreneurial, you face risks, failures and unknown spheres in your life. Without a good support system, you will have the tendency to plunge into negative self-talk, unfounded fears and false insecurity.

Establish a support system composed of people who would save you from negative self-talk, would make you accountable and would help you balance your life. They are the ones who would sometimes give you a different view of the situation you are in. They are there to encourage you, rebuke you and comfort you in timely manner.

Don’t walk alone. Invest in relationships that value you and believe in you and will go further with you in your journey. First of all, invest in your relationship with God.

Never take your vitality for granted.

Before you can succeed in your career, calling or business, it’s always very important to determine the “WHO.” Before you can reach out to others, you have to ensure that yourself is in a ready mode. Invest in yourself first, develop your spiritual, physical and emotional reservoirs to help you avoid being badly burnt out.