Give Up

so that you win.

Never give up are words of courage. These words lift up people.

But not all the time, we have to apply it. Not all times we are pursuing relentlessly.

Giving up is a part of growing up. Childish things need to be put away- peeing on bed, breastfeeding, tantrums and so on.

What matters most is not that we don’t give up. What matters is that we give up for the sake of the higher yield.

Don’t stay for the sake of staying. Don’t give-up for the sake of giving-up. In other words, we are not to make blind moves.

Entrepreneurs wisely identify what things must be given up so they can allocate precious and scarce resources to what matters most.

Good giving up is growing up.

Learn to count some things as loss, so you can gain.

Giving up is a vital step to victory.