The Genesis Frame of Mind

The Book of Genesis establishes the fundamental concept of life: original ownership.

It institutionalizes that God is the very beginning of everything, the very foundation. It confirms that He is the root of perfect creation and civilization.

Since He is the Creator and the Owner, He can exercise His authority by commissioning subordinates, subordinating tasks and endowing temporary and particular rights to individuals and institutions.

The Book of Genesis maintains the case that God is the sovereign ruler and commander in all spheres of life. He is to be the standard operation procedure of life and all of its components. He is the rightful Person to be called The Way (John 14:6).

Without God and the Bible, individuals and institutions get lost in the clamour of twisted ideas pervading the world.

Genesis steadily contests these notions that man is to always return to the concept of original ownership and uphold these two initiatives:

1.) God owns everything
2.) Man has to imitate that ownership concept in a stewardship covenant.

To destroy the two preceding points is to destroy the influence of God and the foundation of Genesis. If not repented of, it leads to the destruction of the social order.