Write better and smarter using this free digital tool

Have you been in a situation that you were so embarrassed because what you posted on FB had a really bad spelling or a twisted grammar? Have you ever wished you could turn the back time of sending that Email? Or maybe like me, you wanted to eliminate the word “edited” on your facebook posts?

Or maybe you are a writer, blogger, secretary or any profession that requires writing skills, you may have experienced that what you wanted to say is not the same as the one that appeared in your paper.

Some of the reasons could be that you are too tired, too pressured on time that all you can do is type too fast and click that send button.

One way to solve this is to hire a secretary, spelling-checker or proof-reader. But most of the times you can’t afford to have one, or your budget is not accommodating them. Or maybe time and circumstances won’t allow you to have them working on you full-time.

Or maybe you are behind your blog commitments, and before you know it, you already clicked Publish and your errors went with your posts. What’s worse is that you realized that you may not have the option to change your posts’ RSS feeds after they were publicized.

Here’s a free app which you can install in your browser or MS Word that really does an excellent job. Wherever you are in your typing work, it stays there with you.

I made a product review in this video. Here I shared my experience and insights about their service.

My opinion is that every writer should try Grammarly. I think this is better than the default content-enhancers of our favorite web companies. Here the producers did the law of specialization and greater commitment.

Grammarly also helped me create better and error-free write-ups in Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Tumblr and almost every platform we know on the web. I have fewer things to bear in mind, seeing that it’s there checking my every move.

I am amused by the suggestions it gives, and the grammar that it recommends.

So if you are looking to become a better writer, use Grammarly. Above all, it is free. But you can go premium if you want advanced features activated for your site. All you have to do is download the App in your browser and log-in/ sign-up.