Comparison: Biblical Times vs Modern University Education

A little background of education in the Biblical-Jewish communities

In the Old Testament Jewish times, children earn their lifetime vocation by training under their fathers. They are equipped at home until they are ready for marriage and independent-living. Between the ages of five to twenty, males usually work with their father as an apprentice to learn his father’s vocation. This culture has built strong families and father-son bonds.

Same case with the mothers and daughters. Discrimination among women is less in Jewish-Christian societies.  Biblical culture prescribes that young women were to be educated in the ways of Lord and to be trained by their mothers for professions that are culturally acceptable.

Female professions include those of cooking, dressmaking, perfume-making and singing. In some cases, women work in leadership positions such as the prophetess Deborah (Judges 4:4-5). Parents and other family members taught children in the Word of God and in “the fear of the Lord” ( Prov 2:5 ). Besides the father, a professional or skilled craftsman may be invited to give training.

Besides homeschooling, children also attended synagogue schools and received their worldview under the precepts of the Bible, they call it the Law, the Torah, Mishnah or Talmud.

When males are ready for marriage and independent full-time employment, he usually enters marriage and lives at the extension of his own father’s house (John 14). At age thirty, he might assume an official position of responsibility in the community.

Today’s Postmodern’s Educational Scenario

Children are now forced to go to a public school mostly because of poverty and lack of finances. Not all public schools are to be despised, much of our sacrificial teachers offer good training in the Philippines, as well as other countries. But the ramifications of public schools, without the aid of good-willed people, often fall into ruin and tragedy. Public schools could become a training ground for the society’s destruction, instead of an agent for progress. It can be a breeding ground for

Public schools could become a training ground for the society’s destruction, instead of an agent for progress. It can be a breeding ground for lust, juvenile delinquency, youth pregnancy and early awakening of sexual taboos. These 21st-century trends have led many to separate and weaken parental relationships. When children come home, ideologies clash with the parents’ values.

Of course, I’m not saying that all schools caused family separation There are many cases where the school has been the transforming agents of a child’s positive change. It can also be said that there have been times that it was better for the child to leave their home due to ungodly influences in their community.

But sending children to a humanist college, if not protected, would most of the time mean: sending your child to be educated by liberals and seduced by fellow students.

It’s important to understand the pitfalls of college, both morally and intellectually.

For a century, universities have been a systematic program to separate students from the worldview of their parents. College has been a way of sending a child to be educated by Socrates, instead of the Lord.