Genuine wisdom and genuine wealth are inseparable

What does wisdom have to do with gaining substance and riches in life? Can the two be separated together?

There is a better pursuit than striving for riches alone, and that is gaining wisdom in live. However, wise living is inseparable to a life with prosperity and wealth.

A personification of wisdom in Proverbs 8 gives us a list of things about wisdom.

1. She dwells with prudence
2. She leads people to fear of God and hatred of evil
3. Wisdom always seeks understanding than confusion
4. Wisdom gives strength
5. Wisdom loves her lovers
6. She is approachable and reachable
7. She gives honor and wealth
8. There is stability, sustainability and durability in her
9. Her fruits are better than gold
10. She causes her followers to inherit substance and bountiful treasures

The wisdom that comes from above and written on the pages of His Words are undeniably true and good. Following the paths of wisdom are a sure way for one to reach true and genuine wealth.

Let’s follow wisdom the ancient yet ever trailblazing and refreshing paths of wisdom, and let’s reach the destination of peace, wealth and joy.