Servants for our Good: Transforming our Mindset about Government

The Philippine election is drawing near and we wish that our nation will be more wiser in casting our ballots than ever before. May 2016 will be a defining moment of Filipino history because we as a nation will be the instruments to determine those who’ll sit in power.

Government is composed of leaders who are given power and are able to use it for the benefit of the whole. Our nation does not just need any kind of government, but we must have the right kind.

The Bible is calling us to continually renew our minds (Romans 12:2), including all aspects of our lives, and therefore including the government.

Here is one primary Biblical view of the government that will help us shape our beliefs and determine the right candidates towards a better future:

Servants for our good

In the New Testament, the government official is called “God’s servant for your good.” (Romans 13:4). They are God’s ministers or servicemen who are supposed to promote the good for the benefit of the society as a whole.

If we are to seek growth, progress and fruitfulness, the main principle that every leader and citizen in the Philippines should have towards government officials is that these people are to work for the benefit of the people as a whole rather than for themselves, their clans, or their own set of friends. They are to be ministers who work to attend the needs of a nation.

God’s design for the government is that these leaders would make it their goal to promote the public welfare rather than enriching themselves by using their office or privileges of power. Government leaders whose motive are for selfish ambitions are not fulfilling the design for them.

I have witnessed many times that many who win Philippine elections are those who are popular or wealthy. But these are never the primary basis of selecting. A government leader must have this calling of promoting the good of the public as his fulfillment of God’s calling.

The sad thing about Philippines is that we are drowned in a history where we equate government leaders with thieves, “trapo” and usurpers because these values have been deeply engraved in this kind of national culture for hundreds of years since the Spanish colony. Unfortunately, when we say “corruption,” our minds automatically equate it with what the government has been doing, which should not always be the case.

It’s time to renew our minds. It’s time to transform our society after God’s design.